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  • For a county to be colored red, at least one field has to be identified with populations over 200 eggs per cup soil.


I fought the manure spreader and I won

The manure  pile at our place was in desperate need of spreading this fall but it is a task that neither my husband, Mark (nor I) treasure, which is why the pile had reached its current height. If the job only… Read More



Is the CAUV grass greener?

Anyone with fenced in livestock understands the idiom: the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Such is the case for our Great Pyrenees sheep dog that we have penned up with our sheep. The dog’s… Read More

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Diapers on cows: A water quality solution?

Here in Ohio, we are talking about water quality and nutrient management on the farm on a daily basis. Farmers are making a very conscious effort to better their practices on the farm to tackle an issue that affects… Read More

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