• No, not call a cell, sell a call!
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  • Pork and big carrots ready to be sealed into the casserole (Photo by Edward Schneider.)
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It’s like living with eight toddlers

Most livestock producers are used to large numbers of young and newborn critters roaming their barns and pastures during spring birthing season, but eight baby goats is a record for me. Due to my smaller sized… Read More



Planting by the phase of the moon?

In these days with more science than the world has ever known, there is still plenty that is unknown in the world of agriculture. Because of that, there are still those out there who consider the sage advice in the… Read More

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Hay isn’t just for horses anymore

For how much grief agriculture gets these days from those who don’t understand much about farming, it always cracks me up to see urbanites and hipsters drawing from rural culture for their building, decorating… Read More

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