• Christmas tree carry
  • This Sclerotinia found in the soil of some fields can develop into white mold. Photo by Ohio State University Extension.
  • Mike Steenhoek
  • A sighting of coyotes and the howl of a pack of coyotes is almost common these days for many rural dwellers.  Photo courtesy of the ODNR by Victoria Marcum-Howard.


Update on Coy Wolf sightings in Ohio

Apparently my friends weren’t the only Ohioans to have large wild canines running around on their property. Not only was my blog about a Coy Wolf sighting widely read, but we also received some interesting new… Read More



A perfect fit

Dylan was sitting in the tractor seat scrolling through photos of beautiful Courtney on his phone and reviewing her text messages. He had gotten this job at the Christmas tree farm as a favor from the farm owner to… Read More

IMG_6995 (1280x957)


Only 60 years of farming left, UN reports

I have never heard of a farmer being forced into retirement. In fact, I don’t ofter hear of farmers retiring at all! But according to a UN official, younger farmers may have to get out of their lifelong… Read More

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