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Using Clean Ohio Funds

Ohio Department of Agriculture Preserves 37 Farms 
Using Clean Ohio Funds

The Ohio Department of Agriculture today announces that nearly 6,200 acres from 37 farms are preserved through its Agricultural Easement Purchase Program using Clean Ohio funds.

The Clean Ohio Fund bond initiative won support from Ohio’s voters in 2008 to preserve farmland and green space, improve outdoor recreation and to encourage redevelopment and revitalize communities by cleaning up brownfields.

This year, the Ohio Farmland Preservation Advisory Board reviewed 203 applications from 37 counties competing for the limited money available through the Clean Ohio Fund. Applicants had the opportunity to earn up to 150 points based on a two-tiered scoring system. Section one of the application focused on development pressure, soils, proximity to other agricultural land, use of best management practices and local comprehensive land-use plans. Section two included narrative questions regarding the farm and its unique appeal to the Agricultural Easement Purchase Program.

The following is a list of landowners selected to receive Clean Ohio funds, pending completion of a legal review, title search and any necessary review of third party interests:

Landowner Name Farm Acreage County
Ayers 82.00 Ashland
Yeater 452.93 Ashland
Geil 180.00 Ashtabula
Perry 103.15 Ashtabula
Waris 150.49 Ashtabula
Bumgardner 545.43 Clark
Renfrew 152.93 Coshocton
Thomas, Michael 88.91 Fairfield
Young, Helen 140.28 Fairfield
Young, Joe & Cathy 125.01 Fairfield
Bratton 106.00 Fulton
Short 149.80 Fulton
VonSeggern 136.68 Fulton




Wildman 473.56 Greene
Seidel 200.19 Huron
Helt 92.00 Knox
Seitz 31.82 Knox
Simpson 108.91 Knox
Thomas, Donald & Alesia 110.58 Knox
Deeds 254.75 Licking
Gibson 181.33 Licking
Morgan 71.37 Logan
Schlumbohm 102.30 Logan
Wysong 134.60 Montgomery
Gang 48.13 Portage
Tapalman 229.00 Preble
Welch 119.05 Preble
Mauch 598.82 Sandusky
Burks 55.16 Seneca
Ewald 162.94 Seneca
Fry 33.19 Seneca
Riley 120.00 Seneca
Wise 79.19 Seneca
Cox 101.42 Trumbull
Lipps 105.51 Trumbull
Weygandt 78.48 Wayne

An agricultural easement is a voluntary and legally-binding restriction placed on a farm. The easement limits the use of the land to predominantly agricultural activity. The land remains under private ownership and management and stays on the tax rolls under Current Agricultural Use Valuation (CAUV). The farmland can be sold or passed along as a gift to others at any time, but the restriction prohibiting non-agricultural development stays with the land.

For more information about farmland preservation, visit www.agri.ohio.gov.

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