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Digital Dale, January 28th – NCBA Ready To Hear Latest Dietary Guidelines

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Good Morning Everyone.…..25 degrees again this morning.

A little snow over night but not enough here to get to excited about. 

Power Show Ohio get under way today and runs through Sunday 9 to 4 each day. 


Markets yesterday saw the only spark in Soybeans on better than expected export numbers.  Corn was lower based on the same report and wheat followed corn lower just because.


Overnight corn up a little beans and wheat lower.


Also have you noticed the price of milk lately…. it was 13.50 for Feb. milk last week, now March milk is near 17.00.

NCBA Ready To Hear Latest Dietary Guidelines


When USDA and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services releases the new 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans Monday (January 31) – the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association will be watching closely. Texas cattle producer and medical doctor Richard Thorpe says there is overwhelming scientific evidence that shows the value of a diet of high-quality animal protein – like lean beef – balanced with fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low fat or fat free dairy. He’s hopeful the agencies will change recommendations made by the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee’s July 2010 report that recommended Americans shift their food intake patterns to amore plant-based diet. They recommended only moderate amounts of lean meat, poultry and eggs.

Healthier Soybean One Step Closer


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has notified Monsanto that the biotechnology consultation process for MON 87705, a key component of the company’s Vistive® Gold soybeans that produce a high-oleic, low-saturate, low-trans fat soybean oil, has been completed. Conclusion of the consultation with FDA completes one of the key regulatory steps.  Vistive Gold soybeans will enable food companies to produce foods made with soybean oil to have lower saturated fat levels and maintain low levels of trans fat. 


Vistive Gold soybeans represent one of the first crops developed through the combination of biotechnology and traditional breeding that enable farmers to help food companies bring direct health benefits to consumers. Vistive Gold soybeans have 85 percent less saturated fat than palm oil, 70 percent less saturated fat than fry shortening and 60 percent less saturated fat than conventional soybean oil.  


In June of 2009, Monsanto petitioned USDA for non-regulated status of high-oleic soybeans. The petition is currently under review.  Monsanto has also made submissions for import approval in key export markets. Upon commercialization, food companies will be able to purchase this new food oil from Vistive Gold soybeans and sell food products prepared with this nutritionally improved oil.


Improper Cow Nutrition Proves Costly


Thin cows can be economically devastating as beef producers head into spring calving season, said Purdue Extension beef specialist Ron Lemenager.


“Spring calving cows need to be in moderate body condition at the time of calving because it has a pretty significant effect on how quickly these cows will return to estrus after calving, and subsequently, when or if they conceive,” he said. “If cows are thin at calving, producers can expect long postpartum intervals, which means they will calve later the following season.”


That means instead of having a 365-day calving interval, producers may face 13-14 month intervals and, ultimately, a loss of productivity.


Find out more about cow nutrition here.

Roundup Ready Alfalfa is back 

For the first time since 2007, U.S. farmers will have the choice to plant Genuity® Roundup Ready® alfalfa. Thursday the U.S. Department of Agriculture authorized resumption of the sale and planting of Monsanto Company’s  Roundup Ready® alfalfa.

“USDA’s action gives farmers the choice to enjoy the benefits of this product, including superior crop safety and high-quality yield opportunity.” 

Roundup Ready alfalfa was developed by Monsanto and Forage Genetics International (FGI).  The USDA decision comes in time for spring planting, the company noted.  Monsanto, FGI and other alfalfa seed companies have varieties of Genuity Roundup Ready alfalfa seed in stock and ready for sale. 

Roundup Ready alfalfa was commercialized in 2005. More than 5,000 farmers had planted Roundup Ready alfalfa on over 250,000 acres before a court ruling regarding USDA’s administrative process halted further sales and planting. 

Powered by Soy Biodiesel I will see you in Columbus today at PSO. 


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 Have a great day! 

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Mar 6.50 3/4    -7

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