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Willie, Did You Have To Do It?

The thing that will be most difficult for me in this blog is drawing attention to a video that I think misrepresents agriculture in the worst of ways. The second most diffcult thing for me is to admit that Willie Nelson is involved. I want you to watch the video and do so without throwing your computer out of the window. It is not your computers fault that a factory food chain only wants to feed its so-called loyal customers and leave the rest of the world to starve.

I also wanted to point out some of the comments placed on YouTube for the video. This proves that consumers aren’t as ignorant as the restaurant chain thinks they are. Not even close.

This is what Chipotle says about their organic initiatives: “In 2010, Chipotle plans to serve at least 50% of at least one produce item from local farms when it is seasonally available (more than 50% and more than one item any time we can).” A few organic peppers, when they’re in season, is not going to fix this problem! And certainly not enough for them to give themselves this kind of credit. But it’s a beautiful song & video.

Video work is incredible, but subject matter is a complete misrepresentation of modern agriculture. Chipotle should be ashamed of their marketing tactics. If you want to serve natural or organic, fine. But don’t mislead people into thinking that modern ag is something that it is not! No Chipotle for me until you tell or show people the truth!

They have to do this video in animation because there is no truth to this what so ever. Agriculture is the best kept secret in America and however the activist want to paint us we know the truth. As for Chipolte they should be concerned about how they treat their employees or should I say illegal immigrants!

Good for you! I live in farming country and recently visited two “factory” chicken farms. One for eggs and one for broilers. Both had air conditioning, a quiet atmosphere and healthy animals. There was lots of food and water. You are right that these animals are treated better than many humans.

Those are just some of the comments. The only comment from me to add to these great points is…Willie, did you have to do it?

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