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Animal rights activists are all law-breaking terrorists

By Kyle Sharp

Animal rights activists are all a bunch of law-breaking terrorists who blatantly abuse the animals they profess to care for. Yes, that’s right good people, don’t believe the rhetoric they put out about caring for animals and trying to make the world a better place. In reality, they’d be more than happy to blow you up in a blazing inferno just to make a point, or introduce a dog to the business end of a club, because they are just cruel, inhumane people.

Need proof? It’s all right here.

On Jan. 10, animal rights activists took credit for setting fire to a fleet of cattle trucks at a California ranch that is the state’s largest processor of beef. A statement from the purported arsonists said the fire, which destroyed or damaged 14 trucks and several trailers at Harris Ranch, was aimed at “the horrors of factory farming.”

In reality, the blatant terrorist act only emphasized the horrors of the animal rights movement. This act of these would-be murderers could have easily killed people and animals at the ranch, but obviously life, whether human or animal, is not precious to animal rightists trying to forward their radical cause.

The fire erupted before 4 a.m. at the ranch, and several of the rigs were engulfed in flames by the time authorities arrived. It took firefighters about 45 minutes to knock down the blaze. A blaze this size could have easily killed or injured emergency personnel responding to the scene, but animal rightists don ‘t care about the health of firefighters, or much else it seems.

A statement was released by the Animal Liberation Press Office, which spokeswoman Nicoal R. Sheen said does not participate in illegal actions but distributes statements and communiques from those who do. The statement, which offers advice to fellow animal rights terrorists on how to best develop homemade bombs, said those who set the fire “were extremely pleased to see that all 14 trucks ‘were a total loss’ with some being ‘completely melted to the ground.'”

The statement belittles less aggressive animal rightists, calling them “armchair-activists and those of passive politics.” It even admits that these terrorists didn’t expect their crimes to shut down the farm, and they did it for their “peace of mind” and to show that “the enemy is still vulnerable.” People and possibly hundreds of animals could have been killed had this fire gotten more out of hand, and these maniacs obviously would not have blinked an eye. It’s an animal rights mantra brushing aside collateral damage in a way that would make the Taliban and al-Qaeda proud.

And just like their extreme Islamist terrorist brothers, these people who call themselves animal rights activists plan more potential death and destruction, as the closing of the statement through the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) clearly indicates: “there is a lot of stuff that needs to be destroyed and we can’t count on spontaneous combustion and careless welders to do all the work. until next time … .”

The heroes of the agricultural community, the only animal caretakers who truly care about human and animal health, were quick to respond to the heinous act.

In an e-mail to the Fresno Bee, Harris Farms CEO and Chairman John Harris said the company was “appalled by this senseless, but very alarming attack.”

However, Harris said the attack will not have an effect on the operation and only served to reinforce the company’s resolve to produce quality beef.

“We are gratified by the support and concern we have received from the public and the outrage this attack has created,” Harris wrote. “We must live in a society that is safe for all and no one can tolerate violence such as this. ALF and similar terrorist groups pose a real threat, and I am confident that the many law enforcement agencies working on this case will bring them to justice soon.”

National Cattlemen’s Beef Association President Bill Donald said the attack represents “bad people doing bad things.”

“This is not only an attack on a family-owned and operated business; this is a domestic terrorist attack on our nation’s providers of food and fiber. This extremist behavior goes above mere activism and the freedom of speech. These criminals are threatening lives and causing substantial economic harm,” Donald said. “Anyone concerned about the welfare of animals would not orchestrate attacks on individuals who are experts at caring for these creatures.”

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security lists ALF as a domestic terrorist organization, and it is important to note that animal rights groups work collaboratively and are strategically connected in many ways. For example, John “J.P.” Goodwin, who now serves as the director of animal cruelty policy for the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), formerly served as a spokesman for ALF. After a 1997 fire that caused $1 million in damage to a Utah feed co-op, he told the Deseret News he was “ecstatic” about the results.

It’s hard to believe these cruel and inhumane people, capable of such abominable acts, can exist right in front of our noses under the shield of animal rights. And more proof exists of their violent nature.

This past April in Ottumwa, Iowa, police arrested a self-described animal rights activist on charges she abused at least one dog. A videotape showed the animal rightist beating a dog in her back yard — striking the poor, defenseless creature with a club at least 15 times. Such obvious, immoral behavior has no place in today’s society.

If you feel the same way and want to put an end to the senseless violence perpetrated by animal rights activists, please open your purses and wallets and send you donations to me, and together we can let the public know about the vile nature of these supposed animal lovers …

OK, if you haven’t figured it out already, I’m blowing this a bit out of proportion. While I think the people who set the Harris Ranch blaze do have a few screws loose, and I would never condone anyone beating a dog with a club, these are obviously isolated incidences of “bad people doing bad things.” I’m sure there are plenty of animal rights advocates out there with the purist of intentions who truly care for animals and do their best to help in ways that are not illegal. Many of them, at least I hope, would condemn the California arson attack.

The problem is that, all too often, animal rights groups follow the exact scenario I have just done when trying to demonize today’s agriculture to the public. They take isolated incidences — such as videos of a mentally disturbed dairy employee beating cows and calves, or the previously unheard of and completely misguided idea of hanging cull sows with a log chain from a skid loader — put them online and in public presentations, and pass them off to the public as the norm when describing their version of modern agriculture.

The tactic has little to do with reality and treats facts as foreign objects, but it sure helps sway public opinion and raise funds for the cause. Please keep this in mind the next time HSUS, Mercy for Animals or some other animal rights organization releases the results of some “investigation” into farming and blatantly tries to stir all of livestock agriculture into what appears to be an unsavory pot.

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  1. the armchair activists are no more caring about the critters they profess to protect. two good examples are hsus lobbying to euthanize the dogs seized in the fighting scandal, as opposed to making funds available to care for them. animal psychologists stated that some of the bitches and pups not involved in actual fighting may have been rehabilitated. second example: consider how much more suffering was caused for horses and burrows on blm lands, from starvation and predation, that are beyond their carrying capacity. but hey, inhumane slaughter was eradicated. can someone explain why the public can not grasp this?

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