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Preble Shawnee FFA held State Leadership Night

On February 1, 2012, the Preble Shawnee FFA chapter hosted their first state Leadership Night. The theme was “The Power of Me, The Power of We”. Several members from Clermont North Eastern, Talawanda, and Edgewood FFA Chapters joined us for the evening. State officers Jessica Shanahan, Caitlyn Black, Caroline Weihl, and Shelby Faulkner also attended.

To begin the evening, the state officers gave each member a colored sticker. The color of your sticker determined which group you would be in for the evening. Before breaking up into groups, everyone chanted “The Power of Me, The Power of We” together. We also played a couple of games that got us moving around and interacting with new people. Then, we split up into our groups.

Each group went into a classroom with the state officer who was in charge of them. There were two stations for the groups to participate in. At one station, members were given a variety of objects and were asked to pick one that they felt best represented their personality. For example, if you felt that you were a strong individual who always keeps it together, you might have chosen tape because it is used to hold things together. After selecting the object that best fit them, the state officer in that room split everyone up into smaller groups. The groups combined the objects that they had chosen to make a product. It could be anything they wanted. They also had to come up with a fundraiser and treat it as if they were actually going to do it. Each person in the group had a specific strength such as positivity, organization, etc. They used these strengths to cover every important aspect of creating the fundraiser. This activity enabled members to see that everyone has different strengths, but if we work together and combine our strengths with the strengths of others, we can be even more successful in the things we do.

At the second station, everyone received a piece of paper that had a list of qualities that a person might have. Members circled their top five qualities that they felt best described them as a person. After they looked at their strengths, they then thought about their weaknesses. Everyone discussed ways that we use our strengths in everyday life and how we overcome our weaknesses. This station allowed students to analyze their strengths and think of ways that they can use them each day.

After completing the stations, everyone went to the auditorium where the state officers played a few more fun games with the members. They gave a brief definition of the theme one more time before dismissing the members to the Ag Shop, where pizza and drinks were waiting for them. Members spent the rest of the evening socializing and making new friends.



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