Farm Science Review changes golf cart rules

The Farm Science Review has announced that new for the 2012 show the only mode of transportation that will be allowed for attendees will be a golf cart, electric scooter, segway or approved disabled unit.

The Farm Science Review is a pedestrian show and therefore, pedestrians always have the right-of-way.  However, it is noted that some of our visitors may require physical assistance to visit the show by utilizing either disabled/handicapped approved transportation or a golf cart.  A golf cart should only be used by those who need physical assistance.  The Farm Science Review is a golf cart only facility.  The use of a golf cart at the Farm Science Review is deemed a privilege!  In 2012, the Farm Science Review will implement a new policy to address safety concerns for our pedestrians for those who require assistance with a golf cart.  One of two credentials will need to be produced by either the driver or passenger of the golf cart in order to bring their own golf cart whether owned or rented from another company or to rent a golf cart from the Farm Science Review designated vendor, Golf Car and Equipment Co. – 1) a receipt that an individual is disabled (the paperwork that accompanies the issuance of a disabled hang tag or license plate) or 2) a medical excuse from a doctor.  Contact Farm Science Review management at 614-292-4278 if you have any questions about this policy.

The use of a motorized vehicle is a privilege provided to the user.  The abuse of this privilege will result in the revoking of the issued Special Needs Vehicle Permit and the removal from the grounds of the Molly Caren Ag Center of the vehicle and the individual(s) to whom the Permit was issued.  In such cases, no refunds of any collected fees shall be granted.

See the complete rules and regulations for getting and operating a golf cart at this years show.

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