Creative 4-H t-shirt to support Yes We Can in Highland Co.

We were excited to learn that the people from two of our most popular stories from the past six months have partnered together.

Sarah Young, the young 4-H member from the Yes We Can Campaign in Highland County has partnered with Erin Ehnle from the wildly popular, Keeping it Real:Through the Lens of  Farm Girl on a t-shirt about the importance of 4-H.

We first reported on Sarah when she donated the proceeds from her county fair lamb to the Highland Co. 4-H program, in an effort to keep the program in her county. Last year she created the Yes We Can campaign where she collected cans to raise money for the local 4-H program.

Erin is a very talented photographer and graphic designer who’s images and quotes promoting agriculture are shared throughout the internet daily. She created an image from one of Sarah’s quotes that not only went viral, but had people wanting to buy it.

They’ve worked together to create a t-shirt with the message that can be purchased with all proceeds going to the Highland Co. 4-H program.The t-shirts are available in two designs, in youth and adult sizes. You can view both designs along with pricing and ordering information at


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  2. Do you still have this t shirt available

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