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Ten ideas to incorporate agriculture into a wedding

By: Heather Hetterick

June is almost upon us and soon we’ll be in the height of wedding season.

Each member of my family paid homage in their wedding to our agricultural roots in some way.

1. Pink Pigs

I had chocolate pink pigs (along with buckeyes) on the table for guest at my wedding. Apologies for the horrible photo, it was the only one I could find. My mother-in-law made these using pig molds with Wilton candy melts. This was the perfect way to pay homage to my hog farming heritage and my love of pigs.

My wedding colors were pastels, mainly pink and my mom surprised me at the hall with these super comfy pink pig slippers to wear at the reception. This was the best idea ever!

2. Corn Arrangement

My sister, Hillary, had a fall themed wedding and utilized corn from my family’s farm in her table decorations. Now, this was when corn was sky-high so after reluctantly getting it out of the grain bin for her, my dad wanted it all back after the wedding. You could use soybeans the same way.

3. Ride away in a livestock trailer

Following in my mom and dad’s footsteps, my brother Ryan and sister-in-law, Emily, rode away in a nice, new gooseneck trailer. The sides were lined with chairs for all the bridesmaids and groomsmen. The newlyweds sat in the front on an old, but comfy, loveseat so they could ride in comfort.

I’ve read, seen or been to many weddings that incorporate agriculture and farming into the big day.
While it seems the opportunities are endless, here are few more options.

4. Riding away on a tractor (or combine for that matter).

This is an oldie, but still a goodie. Melissa and Adam Navinskey took this to a whole new level when they, along with their whole wedding party, drove away from the wedding in tractors! While Melissa was apparently busy with last minute wedding details, Adam and his family were busy washing and waxing their whole fleet of tractors.

See more photos from their agricultural inspired wedding at Melissa’s blog, Born to Pharm.

5. Hold the reception in a barn

My friend Brooke Luthman had a gorgeous reception in a big red barn. The Winner Harvest Barn is located just outside of Bellefontaine across from owner’s Alan and Renee Winner’s real working farm. It’s a beautiful setting for a wedding, not to mention all the great photo opportunities. Who doesn’t love a wedding photo in front of a red barn!

6. Have a ‘milk’ toast instead of champagne

Mary & Greg of Maryland actually held their wedding at Mary’s family’s farm. Since Mary is a past Maryland state dairy princess and Greg farms with Mary’s family on their dairy farm, they choose to have a”‘milk” toast instead of champagne.

See more great ideas from these two, including how they even decorated the silage bags.

7. Bride and groom round bales

When Miami county farm girl Monica Batdorf married Versailles farmer Curt Goubeaux, every detail was addressed. The wedding was held at Monica’s family’s farm and agriculture was pretty much the theme. These creative round bale bride and groom even made the news! She had so many neat ideas. For more from the wedding scroll down to #8 and #9.

8. Livestock Tag Name Settings

I have to hand it to Monica, using a livestock tag as a name setting is original. This could be a cheap option if you have extra laying around, which I don’t believe was the case here, since they were hot pink.

 9. Use corn as a border

An aerial view of Monica’s wedding shows shows how the unique use of corn helped guide and contain guests. Now it appears that this may have been planted this way in preparation for the upcoming wedding, but I can see growing corn in big pots to use at entrances. Or, depending on the season, corn could even be transplanted into pots with flowers and other greenery to make unique arrangements.

10. Have a butter sculpture

Now, I’m not talking state fair cow size — more like a smaller sculpture that could be placed on the buffet table. I’ve not see it done before, but perhaps a butter sculpture of the bride and groom would be fitting?

(Photo from www.laurel-hart.com)

I’m sure there are some other great ideas out there. What did you do to throw a farm item into your celebration? Or are you planning something really cool for your upcoming wedding?

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