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John Motter enjoyed some great fair food made with high-oleic soy oil at the Ohio State Fair last summer.

Fair food healthier with high-oleic soy oil

Served on a stick or between buns, your fair-tastic favorites are a little healthier this year at the Ohio State Fair. As part of a promotion for high-oleic soybeans, select state fair food vendors are using high-oleic soy oil when frying your favorite fair foods during the 12-day event.

John Motter enjoyed some great fair food made with high-oleic soy oil at the Ohio State Fair.

This promotion, sponsored by the Ohio Soybean Council (OSC), the soy checkoff and seed companies Monsanto and DuPont Pioneer, looks to showcase the oil made from Ohio-grown soybeans throughout the fairgrounds. Fairgoers can look for the “Proud to Serve High-Oleic” emblem displayed on select food vendor locations.

“Soybean farmers in Ohio just started growing these new soybean varieties during the last two years,” said John Motter, a soybean farmer from Jenera, Ohio, and OSC chairman. “These varieties help farmers meet the demand of their primary oil customer, the food industry, and help us showcase our product at the Ohio State Fair.”

High-oleic soy oil contains no trans fats and lower saturated fats than traditional vegetable oils, making it attractive to frying and baking customers. It holds the potential to increase demand for U.S. soy oil by 3.8 billion pounds, or the oil from 341 million bushels of soybeans, by 2020. Motter already grows the soybeans on his Ohio farm.

“The high-oleic varieties entering the market are Plenish High Oleic Soybeans from DuPont Pioneer and Vistive Gold Soybeans from Monsanto,” Motter said. “I encourage farmers to seek out the opportunities to grow these new varieties and help meet the demand for this oil from fair to everyday foods.”

Charles Cox with Cox concessions talked about the advantages of using high-oleic oil.

Charles Cox

DuPont Pioneer’s John Shartman has talked with vendors all around the fair using high-oleic oil and he received some great feedback.

Pioneer Shartman

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