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Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour – Day 2 Results

August 21st, 2012

With all of the variability of Day 1 of the Pro Farmer Crop Tour on Monday, it is easy to see that every day will hold a little something different. One of the things that we expect to see today that we did not run into yesterday is corn that has been harvested early or destroyed altogether.

I talked about that last night with Agronomic Consultant Mark Bernard.

MB Web

Interestingly enough there are folks from the National Ag Statistical Service out of D.C. along for the tour as well. There are stark differences in the way Pro Farmer estimates yield compared to NASS, according to Anthony Prillaman.

AP Web

6:30am – We are heading out from Fishers, Indiana for Day 2 of the Pro Farmer Crop Tour. It is a foggy morning and after a little rain and pop up storms last night things will be off to a wetter start today.

8:00am – Our first stop was in Tipton, Indiana and after passing quite a few seed corn fields we finally found a side by side corn and bean field. The corn, by our calculations, will yield about 148 bushels to the acre and the bean pod count in a 3 foot square worked out to 644. Here are some pictures from stop #1.

Soybeans from Tipton, IN on Day 2 of the Pro Farmer Crop Tour
Taking some calculations of corn from a Tipton, IN field on the Pro Farmer Crop Tour.

Today is a shorter route but it may be a longer day as the folks from AgDay are following close behind. Unlike radio, the TV thing can take a bit more time, not to mention hair and makeup.

Chris Barron is an Iowa farmer and my ride for the day and I visited with him about what we’re seeing so far today.

Chris Barron 1

9:30am – Our string of decent yielding corn fields (150 bushel average) came to screeching halt as we may our way to Cass County, Indiana. These ears came from a field that we project will produce just shy of 15 bushels to the acre.

These Cass County, IN ears are likely to yield about 15 bushels per acre.

Iowa farmer Chris Barron talks about stalk quality issues being seen on the Pro Farmer Crop Tour on day 2 in Indiana.

12:15pm – Hail damage didn’t help this field in Tippacanoe County, Indiana. This is easily one of the worst corn fields as far as condition that I have ever seen. With that said it is estimated to yield 180 bushel, that is, if the farmer gets the combine ready by next week.

A hail damaged field in Tippacanoe, IN on day 2 of the Pro Farmer Crop Tour.

1:30pm – Hail damage has been the theme for a good part of our midday route. This was our second field in Tippacanoe County and the damage was much worse and the yield calculator showed just that. This field is set to make about 26 bushels.

The bean field right next door had a 663 pod count for our 3 x 3 feet square

A second hail damaged field in Tippacanoe County.


Tippacanoe County, IN has hail damaged corn in many areas.

3:00 pm – It is official, harvest has begun in Indiana! We just ran into Denny Stephens in Williamsport, IN (Warren County) and he said it was just time to take it in. He averaged 105 bushel, with 20s and 30s on the high ground and 160s and 170s on the lower.

Stephens Farms in Warren County, IN started havesting corn.

I ran into a farmer in Indiana that started his corn harvest today!

4:30pm – One of our last two stops of the day were in Champaign County, Illinois. It has been typical during this tour thus far that what you see in the field is never what you get. If a field looks like it is in dire straights, yields are amazingly good and if a field looks phenomenal from the road, it is awful on a yield-check. The field where these ears (if you want to call them that) came from looked very promising. In fact, the larger ear, which was not one of our samples, came from the edge of the field, the others from 13 rows in.

A sample of ears from a corn field in Champaign County, IL during the Pro Farmer Crop Tour.


We can easily see why the numbers are down for this area of Illinois as the cracks tell the story.

A quarter shows the severity of the drought conditions in Champaign County, IL on the 2012 Pro Farmer Crop Tour.


8:30pm – Here are the Indian corn results from the 2012 Pro Farmer Crop Tour.

Yield Estimate = 113.25

And for soybeans in Indiana

Pods in a 3 foot square = 1033.24

Be sure to check out day 3

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