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Ten cool Christmas gifts for farm folks

By Heather Hetterick, Ohio Ag Net

I like to give the special people in my life things they can actually use for the holidays. Since my family is involved in agriculture I have to be creative in my hunt for the perfect gift. Giving an item they’ll actual use that they wouldn’t buy themselves takes some thinking. Over the past year I’ve compiled this list to help you out this holiday season.

Here are some gift giving ideas for the rural residents in your life or maybe you’ll see something you need for yourself!

1. Weather Station

A handy tool for the house, office or shop, this weather station allows you to monitor the indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction along with barometric pressure and rain.

Model to Look For: AcuRite 01015 Wireless Weather Station with Wind and Rain Sensor.
Available at: acurite.com
Price: Sells for around $100.

2. Farm Boy/Farm Girl Clothing

These trendy clothes are designed for true farm folks. T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and more feature catchy farm slogans that show you’re proud of your farm heritage.

Available at: farmboybrand.com.
Price: vary between $20-$50.

3.   Toy hay wagon

The perfect attachment to the pedal tractor, this hay wagon allows children to do more than just drive a tractor. Now, they can play ‘making hay’ or who knows what else they may choose to haul around in it.

Available at: kettler.com and Toys R Us
Price: around $100

4.    Closed Clipboard with Calculator

Perfect for livestock or grain farmers these deluxe clipboards allow for safe and dry storage of papers and other small objects with the added bonus of durability and a calculator.

Available at:
Price: $19.99

5.    Wireless Rain Monitor

An easy way to track rainfall this monitor measures rainfall and then automatically dumps collected rainfall transmitted the data up to 300 feet wirelessly.

Model: Turf-Tec Wireless Rain Gauge 1/100th inch with 9-day Memory
Available at: turf-tech.com
Price: $59.95

6.    Café Press Farming Shirts

Type ‘farm’ into the search box at cafepress.com to get countless cheap gift ideas. Hats, clothing, drinkware and more can be personalize with your favorite farm message or image.

Available at: cafepress.com
Price: $4-$40

7.    Otterbox Phone Cover

Otterbox’s defender series was designed for the life of anyone working outside.  It has 3 layers of protection to withstand being dropped.  It also includes built in screen protector to prevent scratches, port covers to keep dust out and a swiveling belt clip.

Available at: Walmart
Price: around $50

8.    Bogs Rubber Boots

Bogs takes rubber boots to a new level. They keep your feet dry and warm while providing comfort and style. Most styles include built in handles to easily pull them on. They come in a variety of fashionable and colorful styles for men, women and children and even have line of boots designed for farm women and men.

Available at: www.bogsfootwear.com.
Prices: range from $45-$190.

9.    Cordless Battery Operated Grease Gun

Described as something you wouldn’t buy yourself, but certainly would be handy, a cordless grease gun makes greasing equipment easier.

Model to Look For: Lincoln Industrial 1864 18 V Lithium Ion PowerLuber, Dual Battery
Available at: Tool Warehouse
Price: around $350-$425

10.   Heated Water Bucket

Whether you have pets or livestock this handy bucket will make watering in below freezing temperatures a little better. It’s also ideal for young people that have livestock projects through the winter.

Available at: Tractor Supply
Price: $37

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