The double-barreled mini horse

Jonathan and David work on Harley's and Kiowa's hooves.

By Kim Lemmon

Several times a year, two area farriers visit my house to trim the horses’ hooves. The guys do maintain separate businesses but on days that they travel to big barns, they often work together to complete the day’s work more efficiently.

When a visit is scheduled for my house, the two farriers, Jonathan and David, often work on my horses together. I don’t think it is because I have a lot of work for them but mostly because neither of them wants the “pleasure” of trimming all my mini horses’ feet. Minis can be kind of temperamental about hoof trimming. Jonathan says it is because it is uncomfortable for the horse and the farrier since so much bending and stretching is required by both parties due to the fact that the minis are so low to the ground.

At this point, Kiowa was starting to look grumpy but she had only struck out with her front legs and pawed the ground.

David drew the short straw and was nominated to trim the hooves on both of my new horses. Houdini was pretty good as minis go but Kiowa was a different story. I know better than to try to discipline a horse while someone is working on them, so I just stay out of the way and let the guys do their work. There is usually a lot of story telling and fun to be had during these visits so I just sit back and relax and enjoy the party.

Jonathan and I were having a grand time swapping stories when Kiowa started really fighting David. We were kind of laughing at David about not being able to control his small client when she went all out and started trying to kick him with both hind legs. It was like a double-barreled shotgun going off over and over.

Kiowa was clearly unhappy with David. Her ears were pinned back.

I was appalled by her behavior. She is a sweet little mare that likes kids. Jonathan said she is just a grumpy pregnant mare. He says most mini mares that are pregnant are grumpy because there isn’t enough room in their bellies for them to comfortably carry the baby. I guess lifting her hind feet makes the situation even worse.

Thankfully Kiowa’s aim wasn’t very good any of the multiple times she violently bucked while trying to kick David, and he is fine. After we all had a good laugh, the guys worked together on her final back leg.

After we finished laughing at David, Jonathan decided he better give him a hand so he could finish Kiowa’s final back leg without incident.

Check next week’s blog to see if Jonathan is correct and Kiowa is truly pregnant. The vet is scheduled to come out for a visit next week to confirm her pregnancy. That should be another fun-filled adventure since I’m sure she will be even less thrilled about being inspected for pregnancy.

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