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Ohio No-Till Council recognizes industry standouts

The Ohio No-Till Council today is recognizing a number of award winners today at the annual meeting in Plain City. No-Till Council president Dave Brandt and Kale Marketing presented the awards.

Outstanding No-till Farmer

Allen and Shelly Dean.

Allen Dean was the Outstanding No-till farmer of 2012. Allen Dean (and wife Shelly) farm about 1,900 acres in Williams County. They grow soybeans and wheat. Allen has been no-tilling about 34 years. He began experimenting with cover crops in the 1980s, and has used them consistently the last 8 years.

Allen recently built, a 90-ft wide, high clearance cover crop seeder, using a Miller Nitro chassis so he can plant into a standing crop. He credits cover crops with recycling nutrients in the soil and making them more available to the next crop. Cover crops are especially beneficial during a drought.

Allen visited with Ohio Ag Net’s Dale Minyo shortly after he received the honor.

Allen Dean No till Farmer of the Year for 2012

Educator/Researcher Award

Jim Hoorman

Jim Hoorman is receiving the no-till Educator/Researcher Award from the Ohio No-Till Council. Jim lives in Hancock County and is currently the OSU Extension Educator for Agriculture and Natural Resources in his home county, Putnam. He previously served the same role in Mercer County and had been with OSU Extension for 20 years.

He is doing research for a Ph.D. based on using cover crops to absorb manure nutrients.

Most of his research has been on cover crops and no-till, and their effect on water quality and soil health, all with the goal of helping to keep agriculture profitable and protect the environment. Jim is in demand as a speaker across the country on topics such as: the Biology of Soil Compaction and the Economics of Cover Crops.

Here is Hoorman talking with Minyo at the No-Till Conference.

Jim Hoorman OSU Extension Putnam County

No-till Business/Industry Award

Matt VanTilburg

VanTilburg Farms, near Celina in Mercer County, is receiving the No-till Business/Industry Award from the Ohio No-Till Council for their long term work with no-till, strip-till and cover crops. The farm has 4,500 acres in corn, soybeans and wheat and usually 80% is no-tilled. About 50 total employees and family members work in the operation.

They designed and built a high-clearance cover crop seeder based on a Walker sprayer with a 90-foot boom width. The rig has a tank that will hold 150 bushels of seed, has a six-foot clearance to work through corn and seed drops spaced every 30 inches. This year the VanTilburgs seeded about 11,000 acres with cover crops, including custom work, in a 60-mile radius.



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