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Ohio Soybean Yield and Quality Contest winners announced

The Ohio Soybean Association (OSA) announced the winners of the state’s third annual Soybean Yield and Quality Contest for the 2012 growing season at today’s Ohio Grain Farmers Symposium.

“OSA congratulates all the Ohio Soybean Yield and Quality Contest winners,” said Jerry Bambauer, OSA president and soybean farmer from Auglaize County. “We saw great results this year and we look forward to next year’s contest”.

This year’s Overall State Yield Champion was Phil Herring from Harpster, Ohio. Herring recorded a yield of 94.03 bushels per acre with the Asgrow 3431 variety.

Yield winner Andrew Baltes, Jr. (right) is congratulated by Ohio Soybean Association president Jerry Bambauer.


The four yield category winners were:

Conventional tillage

Andrew Baltes from North Jackson had 87.97 bushels with Asgrow 3130

Kit Fogle from Larue had 81.43 bushels with Asgrow 3431

Andrew Baltes Jr. from North Jackson had 79.86 bushels with Nu Tech 7310



Phil Herring from Harpster had 94.03 bushels with Asgrow 3431

Jeff Walton from Nevada had 85.09 bushels with Shur Grow 2910
Non-GMO soybeans – Conventional tillage

Wes Krabill from West Liberty had 37.2 bushels with Shur Grow 355


In the soybean quality contest, growers competed for oil and protein content levels. This contest is based on the overall highest percentage oil and percentage protein content in the state. Entrants in the quality contest must submit a two-pound sample of soybeans for testing.


1. Jack Groselle from Hiram with 22.3% oil with Pioneer 93Y22

2. Jason Groselle from Hiram with 20.3% oil with Pioneer 93Y22


  1. Jeff Bowen from Hiram had 36.8% protein with Croplan RSC 2980
  2. Andrew Hagerty from Vanlue had 36.6% protein with Shur Grow 3010

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  1. Congrats to all the winners but a double contgrats to winners with Shur Grow seed, where I work!! Also I know you took it off the contest sheet this way (I think it is limited letter space) but Shur Grow is not spelled Shurgro and there is no 335 conventional, that is a typo it is 355 conventional seed. Thanks

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