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The Tyrade – Mayans may be on to something

By Ty Higgins

Not sure if you’ve heard or not, but the world is coming to an end on December 21st. That is according to the Mayan calendar that dates back to thousands of years ago.

This brings up many questions and plenty of answers to those curious. Why does the Mayan calendar end on 12/21/12? What do I need to do to prepare myself? Why did I start Christmas shopping so early?

You can research many theories about what is about to occur and some of the noted outcomes are downright frightening.  After doing my research on Wikipedia and the Discovery Channel, I can tell you that it will not be pretty. The stars, Sun and Milky Way all align just so and ka-plowy…we no longer exist.

Who am I to say that this is all just a bunch of hooey and that we all wake up on the 22nd of December like nothing ever happened? It is intriguing none the less and now that Dick Clark is no longer around to count us down to a new year, maybe it is for the best.

I have looked at the Mayan calendar to see if there are any more clues as to how right they might be. What I found was amazing.

They drew a picture of what looks to be a donkey and an elephant way too close to the edge of a cliff with what seems to be an unsuspecting human down below. Right before that it shows what resembles a cream-filled snack cake with just one more savory bite left and an eerie 12-0 next to an empty bowl. The last picture still gives me shivers.

I do know some people that are stacking up on ammo, water, peanut butter and canned goods. The way I see it, whatever will be, will be. I enjoy every aspect of my life on every day of it and a day worrying about it is a day wasted.

If our time here is up there is nothing we can do about it. If December 22nd never happens I’d say we had a pretty good run. If the Sun does come up on the 23rd, I’d better get a start on my Christmas shopping and hope that the big man in red leaves one of those cream-filled snack cakes in my stocking. The Mayans may have missed, but not by much.

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