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2013 draft horse sale dates

By Kim Lemmon

Winter is a great time to plan and dream about your horse goals for next summer. Whether or not you are planning on adding to your herd of horses or a beginner or spectator, it is always fun to attend draft horses sales.

Some sales offer harness, carts and wagons along with the horse auction. Be sure to check with each sale ahead of time to find out what they will have available. Even if you don’t buy anything, you are sure to have a fun and exciting time and you may learn a few things as well.

Here’s a list of sales for 2013 that is courtesy of the Ohio Percheron Breeders Association. Be sure and let me know if any sales in the Midwest were overlooked. (2013 draft show dates are currently being compiled and will be available soon.)

January 15-16, 2013: Pennsylvania Draft Horse Sale, Harrisburg, Penn.

February 7-8, 2013: Great Lakes Draft Horse Sale, East Lansing, Mich.

February 19-22, 2013: Mid-America Draft Horse Sale, Gifford, Ill.

March 5-9, 2013: Mid-Ohio Draft Horse Sale, Mt. Hope, Ohio

March 19-22, 2013: Topeka Draft Horse Sale, Topeka, Ind.

April 2-5, 2013: Waverly Midwest Horse Sale, Waverly, Iowa

April 18-19, 2013: Buckeye Draft Sale, Dover, Ohio


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  1. I am interested in attending and maybe purchasing a horse at the Buckeye draft sale but I have never been there or to any horse sale would like some information and directions to the sale and how to register I am looking for a haflinger will there be any there?

    • Mike,

      I’m glad you are considering purchasing a Haflinger. It should be a great experience.

      I’m not an expert but here is what I know.

      I have attended the Buckeye Draft Horse Sale in the past. As I remember, it was just draft horses. There weren’t any Haflingers or draft ponies. Their website provides directions and more information: http://www.freewebs.com/buckeyedrafthorsesale/

      The Mt. Hope Draft Horse Sale might be a good option. I believe they sell a few Haflingers. Here’s their website: http://www.mthopeauction.com/sale/mid-ohio-draft-horse-sale/2013/03/07

      Your best bet is probably the American Haflinger Registry’s Spring Sale held in May. I have never attended the sale but since it is put on by the Haflinger association it probably has more Haflingers from which to choose. It is held in Ashland. Their website is http://www.haflingerhorse.com/AHR_salepage.htm

      Be sure and let me know if you purchase a horse. Good luck!

  2. I am trying to find out where a draft horse action took place last weekend, 2/23/ 2013. I beleive it was Richfield or Richland Ohio. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

    • Darlene,

      I wish I could help. I don’t know of any other sales than the ones listed above. Those are the major draft horse sales in and around Ohio. Now there was a very BIG draft horse sale in Illinois last week. See my article about it here: http://ocj.com/2013/02/gordyville-draft-horse-sale-draws-ohioans/

      If you can provide a little more information or tell me what you are looking for, I’ll try to help further.

      Good luck and thanks for reading!

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