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Wood-pile Picassos take firewood stacking to a new level

By Matt Reese

Back when I was a young man, while I was out driving I would look at fancy cars on the roadways with admiration. When I got married, my wife and would drive around and look at beautiful houses. We had kids and we started gawking covetously at the impressive playground/swing set setups in area backyards. Now that we heat our home with wood, my most current roadside driving distractions are impressive wood piles.

This all started last winter when I cut up a large pin oak tree that had died in our pasture. When it was all cut and spilt, and combined with some other wood I had split, I felt that I had a pretty impressive pile of wood. I brought my wife out to show her and, while somewhat impressed, she was not as dazzled as I thought she should be based upon the amount of work I had put into it.

It was after this experience that I started driving around looking at other wood piles. The more I looked, the less impressed with my wood pile I became. Before long, I found myself driving 15 miles per hour asking questions like, “How do they get such uniform stacks?” and simply staring open-mouthed at backcountry artworks of towering, lumberjackian uniformity and grandeur. In comparison to these wood pile Rembrandts, my stack of firewood is much more akin to a crude cave paintings from the stone age.

Then, my aunt sent these Internet procured photos of piles of wood that take this unusual art form to an entirely new level. Wow.

After seeing these elaborate displays, think I will leave all future firewood boasting to the wood-pile Picassos. Now, where can I drive to find these? Do you have a photo of your impressive wood pile.


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Author: Matt Reese

I grew up on a small farm in northwest Ohio and spent most of my youth writing, doodling, taking pictures, reading and exploring the surrounding farmland. With a family full of teachers, I also grew up around a culture supportive of education. I was active in athletics in high school before graduating from Ohio State University where I studied agricultural communications. This led to my career in agricultural journalism.

I continue to work on the family Christmas tree farm in Hancock County. I married my wonderful wife, Kristin, in 2002. We live on a small farm in Fairfield County with sheep, rabbits and chickens. We have a daughter Campbell Miriam who was born in the fall of 2007 and a son Parker Matthew born in August of 2009. We are active in our local church and with numerous other organizations. I help with the agricultural program at Ohio Christian University in Circleville as well.

I have worked for Ohio’s Country Journal since 1999. I also write a column for numerous newspapers around Ohio, Fresh Country Air and do freelance writing and photography work. I have written and self-published six books to date. To find my books, visit and search for “Matt Reese.”

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