Winfield now offers MasterLock® adjuvant

Today’s farmers are constantly adapting their management practices to combat pests and get the maximum return from their fields. To help farmers enhance their disease and insect management programs, WinField developed MasterLock® adjuvant.

“Combating yield-limiting pests involves more than just selecting the right crop protection product,” said Bruce Senst, director, Winfield Adjuvants. “In order to get the most from their crop protection investments, farmers need to ensure the products they select are reaching the areas pests attack.”

New MasterLock® adjuvant combines the proven deposition, canopy penetration and drift reduction of InterLock® adjuvant with new DropTight™ spreader-sticker technology. More of the spray gets into the crop canopy and stay put for optimized pesticide performance. MasterLock® works effectively with fungicides and insecticides and may be used with herbicides and other crop protection products.

Simply put, MasterLock® adjuvant reduces the amount of fine particles that evaporate or drift away. That leaves more spray particles within the most effective size range for more consistent coverage and better canopy penetration. It can be used with both ground and aerial applications.

“Current management practices present a new wave of challenges for farmers,” said Senst.  “For instance, planting continuous corn makes crops more susceptible to disease. Utilizing MasterLock® adjuvant to increase the efficacy of plant health products can help battle this issue.

In addition to controlling spray drift, the adjuvant features DropTight™ technology that helps enhance droplet adhesion for less bounce and better droplet spreading. This means improved droplet coverage, more pesticide uptake and optimized control.

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