Latest Yetter Air-Adjust attachment creates a smoother row-unit ride

A well-prepared seedbed gives growers the best chance to achieve maximum yields. Equipment that helps them accomplish that goal in less time is invaluable. The new 2940 Air Adjust System Rolling Basket from Yetter Farm Equipment is the planter attachment that helps farmers reach that goal.

The latest addition to the Yetter series of cab-controlled attachments that offer a solution for the time demands today’s farmers face, the Rolling Basket firms the soil to help create the ideal seedbed, which facilitates better germination. Uniform germination correlates with higher yields at harvest time.

The Rolling Basket also breaks up clumps, clearing the ways for a smoother ride for the row-unit’s gauge wheels. “Eliminating the bounce caused by an uneven planting surface leads to a more consistent seed depth, and a more consistent seed depth makes for more even emergence,” explained Yetter Test Engineer Jake Henson.

Rolling Basket down pressure is controlled from the tractor cab using patent-pending Air Adjust technology.The in-cab controller allows for easy adjustment to the desired setting. It also features five preset options to which you can save your settings, making for quick adjustments for your conditions. The controller gives growers the option to raise and lower the attachments with the push of a button.

“With the Rolling Basket’s capabilities, you can tackle seedbed preparation at the same time as planting, a task that might previously have been done during a separate pass through the field,” said Henson.

Rolling Baskets are offered to fit most planter models. Yetter Farm Equipment’s other Air Adjust products include a floating residue manager and a residue manager/coulter combination.

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