OFBF Presidents try to kick start D.C.

By Ty Higgins, Ohio Ag Net

Pickaway County Farm Bureau President Michael Videkovich and Warren County Farm Bureau President Butch Schappacher go over notes on the 67th OFBF Annual Presidents Trip this week in Washington D.C.

This week Ohio Farm Bureau (OFBF) County Presidents traveled to Washington for the 67th time, and in tradition, there was plenty to talk about with lawmakers.

High on the priority list for OFBF and The American Farm Bureau Federation was immigration reform, EPA regulations and of course the Farm Bill.

The trip began on Monday with a visit to The Capitol Club for a briefing from the American Farm Bureau Federation, continued Tuesday with jaunts to the Ireland and Australian Embassies followed by a forum hosted by House Speaker John Boehner and Representative Bob Gibbs. The trip concluded on Wednesday with breakfast with Senator Sherrod Brown, visits with members of Congress on The Hill and lunch with Senator Rob Portman.

It may seem, with the sequestration taking place, that nothing is being done in the Nation’s Capitol, but if you talk to lawmakers they will tell you that behind the scenes work is being done not only on a budget, but also on the issues of immigration and the Farm Bill.

Senator Rob Portman.

“This was a great opportunity for our farmers to sit face to face with their members of Congress and tell them about their thoughts on issues that are important to them,” said Steve Hirsch, President of The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, who said he believes, after his talks this week with elected officials, that most  of them are in agreement with Farm Bureau’s views. “Whether they can get those things done or not is another issue altogether.”

AUDIO: OFBF President Steve Hirsch talks with Ty about his takeaways from this trip to D.C.

AFBF’s Don Parrish broke the news to County Presidents about President Obama’s choice for the next EPA Administrator.

Immigration reform is on the radar of AFBF’s Kristie Boswell.

As you might imagine, views from Senators Rob Portman and Sherrod Brown on balancing the budget were a bit different.

Dale Hulit is the Richland County OFBF President and Ty talked with him after his meetings on The Hill.

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