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Anthony Wayne FFA Participates in Women in Agriculture Conference

Pictured: Mrs. Bell, Taylor Buskey, Lisa Mason, Megan Konz, Mackenzie Hoffman, Maddison Binkley, Stephanie Leaman, and Katelyn Spalding.

Seven upperclassmen girls from Anthony Wayne High School participated in the 20th annual Women in Agriculture conference. The conference was held at Nazareth Hall and members from the Anthony Wayne alumni joined the girls. Alumni member Mary Bell sponsored the Anthony Wayne students to attend the conference. While at the conference students had a choice of what three sessions they wanted to participate in. The sessions that were held ranged from healthy food choices to how to be a picture perfect perfect FFA member. The girls all chose sessions that they thought would benefit them and also chose fun ones. All in all the sessions were very informative and the girls really enjoyed themselves. After the sessions students and alumni members enjoyed a wonderful meal listened to a keynote speaker. Mr. Dave Marrison with OSU Extension discussed farm succession and planning. He used situations from his own family and told us how they handled them in a timely manner. The day was very relaxing and enjoyable for all of the students and alumni members who went.


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