SCI offers SCMatch

SCMatch is a “new” hybrid placement tool from Seed Consultants, Inc. that will help seedsman accurately prescribe hybrids for their customers unique soil types and growing conditions.

SCMatch is a hybrid placement tool developed in conjunction with MyFarms that will make hybrid and population recommendations based on soil types, management practices, diseases and pests, as well as desired agronomic characteristics (seedling vigor, stalk strength, test weight, staygreen, etc.). Seed Consultants’ replicated research data will be loaded into the SCMatch program and customers will be able to upload their yield maps and yield information into the program too.

The SCMatch hybrid placement tool will offer many benefits to SCI customers such as: soil map information, data-driven seed placement, rainfall reports and increased accuracy of custom hybrid placement on every acre. For more information about SCMatch, go to or call 800-708-CORN.

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