The cow neck chain apparently the new statement necklace

Saturday morning the Today Show was on the TV and my mom blurts out, “Do you see her necklace? That’s nothing more than a cow neck chain!”

Upon a closer look she was right. The weekend anchor of the Today Show, Erica Hill, was indeed pretty much wearing a yellow cow neck chain around her neck….

We had a really good laugh about it until the following day, when I again saw another person on TV wearing a similar necklace that to anyone with a dairy background appeared to be just a cow neck chain.

It’s seems the plastic neck chain for livestock is the latest jewelry fashion craze.

necklace cow chain comparision

After a quick search looking for the retail version of neck chain I quickly discovered my mom wasn’t the only one who noticed Erica Hill’s interesting choice in jewerly. There was a Twitter uproar about the necklace. About half of the viewers loved it and about half hated it.

Twitter 1 Twitter 2 Twitter 4Twitter 5

I had a hard time not responding to these people. I wanted to say-

@Patmcc19- you can get it at your local farm supply store!
@artcctx-No, it’s a plastic livestock chain!

Ironically the necklace is sold out in the yellow color at, but it’s still available in many other colors. I see necklace style’s similar to this starting to pop up on Pinterest too.

It brings me to this conclusion.

bubble cow comparision

I think I’m going to go to the local farm supply store, buy plastic livestock chain in as many colors as I can find, make necklaces out of them, market them to some teen retail store and make millions.

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5 thoughts on “The cow neck chain apparently the new statement necklace”

  1. Saw Erica wearing the necklace on “Today” over the weekend. Was offended that any woman would choose to wear such a chain, which can only symbolize captivity….Cows aside, the chain is offensive as a necklace.

  2. Good Article. FUNNY! Nasco has matching ear tags… i mean earrings . Thanks for sharing that.

  3. Remember in the 80′s the craze to have candy dishes made out of chicken feeders. Mason jars are still a hit for fine dining.

  4. I saw this necklace and even my husband commented on how ugly it was. I should have recognized that it was a cow chain right away, but didn’t. Thanks for pointing this out. Carol, I’m with you. It might have gone over better if she had the matching “earrings”.

  5. Where can I buy the large link necklace Erica Hill was wearing on 1/4/14? Greenish links with metal connectors

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