A-C FFA culminates successful year with awards banquet

This year’s FFA banquet for the Amanda-Clearcreek FFA Chapter took place on Saturday, May 11th at 4:00 P.M. in the school cafeteria. There were approximately 550 people in attendance including 143 FFA members, which is one of the best turnouts the chapter has ever had. This year’s banquet was very special because the chapter was celebrating its 75 years of existence as the Amanda-Clearcreek FFA.

Twenty-five Career Development Event teams were recognized at this year’s banquet; 2 of which competed at the National FFA Convention. It is a huge accomplishment for these teams to win the state contest and compete at the national level, as these events are extremely challenging due to the amount of educational information that competing members have to learn. Six of the 25 teams also placed in the top 5 in the state in their respective Career Development Event area, earning a recognition banner for the chapter. Few chapters do well enough in their Career Development Event areas to place in the top 5 in the state each year. The Amanda-Clearcreek FFA chapter, however, placed in the top 5 in the state in 6 different Career Development Event areas. This really is an extreme accomplishment for the chapter and its members who competed on these teams! Those teams were: Agricultural Issues Forum – 2nd in the state, Nature Interpretation – 3rd in the state, Environmental and Natural Resources – 3rd in the State, Agricultural Communications – 4th in the State, Agronomy – 4th in the State and Wildlife Management – 5th in the state.

The chapter also recognized members who excelled in their participation in the chapter fundraisers over the past year, which were the Mulch Sale, Fruit Sale, Spring Flower Bulb Sale, and Fall Flower Bulb Sale. Twenty-seven members were recognized for selling 25+ boxes/baskets of fruit, 18 members were recognized  for selling 150+ bags of mulch, and 3 members were recognized for being top flower bulb sellers. The chapter’s overall Top Fund Raiser who earned the most funds for the chapter was Susan Householder, who had over $4300 in gross sales.

FFA members at Amanda-Clearcreek can also apply for various awards within the chapter, such as: the Notebook Award, the Ag. Mechanics Award, the Leadership Award, the Scholarship Award and the Record Keeping Award. There were 45 members who applied for and received these awards. Seventeen of our chapter’s seniors were recognized for being in the Amanda-Clearcreek FFA Chapter for all four years of high school. The chapter also had 10 members who were recognized for their district proficiency awards, 4 of which placed in the top 4 in the state. These four members were: Sierra Jepson, Nate Seitz, Katerina Sharp, and Katie Krile. Sierra was 2nd in the State in Beef Production – Entrepreneurship, Nate was 3rd in the State for Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance – Placement, Katerina was 3rd in the State for Home and/or Community Development and Katie was 4th in the state for Accounting.

Sonny Drake, Haley Bigham, and Josie Montoney received the Star Greenhand Award. This award is given to the top freshman members who have excelled within the chapter over the previous year and have shown the most promise as a future leader in the Amanda-Clearcreek FFA Chapter. The Outstanding Sophomore Award went to Kaylee Reed, who had excelled in all aspects of the FFA and the Outstanding Junior Award went to Katerina Sharp, who had shown an exceptional level of dedication and leadership within the chapter. The Outstanding Senior Award went to Nick Brumfield, who was an exceptional leader of the chapter both in class and in the FFA. Nick had demonstrated great character and went above and beyond in helping the chapter and being active in chapter activities. The Star Chapter Award is given annually to the senior member who was very active but didn’t earn their State FFA Degree and this year Mikaila Drakeby received this award. Kayla Luft, Susan Householder, and Kaylee Reed received the Leadership Camp Award from the Amanda-Clearcreek FFA Chapter. The chapter will be sending these three members, as well as Adrian Wymer, to Leadership Camp this summer at FFA Camp Muskingum. Josh Metzon, Sydney Stinson, and Josie Montoney all received the Leadership Conference Award, and Nick Brumfield received the DeKalb Leadership Award. The Amanda-Clearcreek FFA Chapter awards one of its senior members with this award each year in recognition of their outstanding scholarship, leadership, community service, character, and possessing a strong supervised agricultural experience project over the course of their four years of agricultural education. The chapter also gave out the Memorial Award again this year, which is in memory of two FFA members. The recipients of the award this year were Katie Krile and Adrian Wymer. These members will be going to Washington D.C. next summer to attend the Washington Leadership Conference. Katerina Sharp will also be attending this conference next summer on a scholarship that she received from the Ohio FFA Alumni Association. The Amanda-Clearcreek FFA Chapter also accepted Nick Brumfield into the chapter’s CDE Hall of Fame.

The Amanda-Clearcreek FFA Chapter recognized 48 people as being Friends of the FFA and inducted Mr. Dave Heidell as an Honorary Member. Forty members were recognized for earning their Greenhand FFA degrees this year, 25 for their Chapter FFA Degree, 3 for their State FFA Degree, and 4 for their American FFA Degrees. The chapter also recognized 2 more members who applied for their American FFA degree for the upcoming year.

After the chapter had presented all of the previous awards to its members, the 2012-2013 officer team, consisting of Nick Brumfield – President, Allyson Davis – Vice-President, Katerina Sharp – Secretary, Mikaila Drake – Treasurer, Hannah Robinson – Reporter, Katie Krile – Sentinel, and Rachel Stoneburner – Student Advisor, was recognized for their year of service. The three senior officers, Nick, Allyson, and Mikaila, will be greatly missed by the chapter next year. After last year’s officer team was recognized, the chapter recognized all of the past chapter advisors that the Amanda-Clearcreek FFA Chapter had over the past 75 years of its existence. The current advisors of the Amanda-Clearcreek FFA Chapter are Mr. Jeff Tilley and Mr. Scott Sharp. This is Mr. Tilley’s 20th year at Amanda-Clearcreek and Mr. Sharp’s 19th. Incidentally, both Mr. Tilley and Mr. Sharp are graduates of the Amanda-Clearcreek FFA program.

The end-of-the year banquet of the Amanda-Clearcreek FFA Chapter was concluded with a slide show that contained pictures of everything the chapter participated in over the past year.

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