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Culver’s Kid’s Meal message better than a toy

The Culver’s restaurant chain isn’t that well known in all parts of Ohio yet, but the one down the road from my neighborhood sure does get a lot of business. We are patrons of the “butter burger” joint about once a week, as we visit when we haul our kids to dance or gymnastics classes and we love to eat there.

This is by no means a paid endorsement. I mean, if I happen to get some free cheese curds or a scoop of custard, so be it, but the reason I wanted to share this restaurant with you goes far beyond their delicious food.

As my kids were eating their Scoopie Meal (Scoopie is the restaurant mascot), they began asking me some of the questions that were on the side of the kid’s meal bag. These included how many hours in a day a cow spends chewing (8 by the way) or how many pounds a bushel of corn weighs (56) and that caught my attention, so I asked to take a look at one of their bags.

What I went on to read made my day. The main picture on the front, as you’ll see, was Scoopie holding a pitchfork and holding a sign that says “Thank you farmers” and the message: “Hey kids, farming is where every meal gets its start.”

I was so impressed that the Culver’s organization took the time to dedicate the entire kid’s meal packaging to telling kids that their milk, cheese and custard was produced from real Wisconsin dairies, their fries came from Washington, pickles from the Great Lakes region and chicken from Georgia. Bottom line? The meal didn’t come from the kitchen. What a great way to teach kids a valuable lesson that is worth way more than an awful toy based on the latest awful movie.

Culver’s is reaching the adults with this message as well as their latest ad campaign is taking customers, via videos, to the farms that produce the foods they prepare.

As a parent, I would recommend a trip to a Culver’s near you because everything from the cheese curds to the butter burgers to the custard is very tasty. As a member of Ohio’s Ag community I would recommend a trip just to return the support.

Culver’s 100% Midwest Raised Commercial

Culver’s Dairy Farm Fresh Commercial

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