Ohio needs to again watch out for stormy skies

Much of Ohio is again the target of some potentially nasty weather.

“The worst of the storms will produce damaging wind gusts as high as 70 miles per hour, hail as large as golf balls and perhaps an isolated tornado,” according to AccuWeather.com. ”Wind gusts to 70 miles per hour can easily uproot trees, snap off large branches and bring down power lines. Sporadic power outages are possible in some areas. Winds of this strength can also damage roofs and send unsecured objects airborne. Hail as large as golf balls can cause damage to vehicles and crops. Any people or livestock caught outside can easily be injured.”

Flash flooding is also a possibility with the heavy storms.

“This storm system will have the ability to produce a large area of 1 to 3 inches of rain, especially across areas such as Indianapolis, Ind.; Columbus, Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pa.,” AccuWeeather.com
”Dark skies ahead can signal blinding downpours, powerful winds and possible hail. If you get caught driving through this weather, pull over to a safe location, away from any trees or power poles, and wait for it to pass.”

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