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Straits competed in State General Livestock Finals

Gretchen Straits competed in the State General Livestock Finals and placed 3rd in the State. She qualified for the finals by placing 10th in the preliminary judging contests. There were nearly a thousand contestants who participated in the general contest this year.  For General Livestock Judging you are required to take an online test over livestock management and marketing information.  In the pre-lims you judge classes of beef cattle, sheep, hogs, and boar goats.  The animals are evaluated for their characteristics in meat production and breeding programs.   In the finals you are to judge 2 classes of beef, sheep, and hogs and give a set of oral reasons on each one.  Gretchen was the high scorer in both sheep and swine judging in the finals.  Gretchen is the daughter of Joyce and Phil Straits.

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