Lessons in agriculture for Ohio’s science teachers

Thirty Ohio schoolteachers gathered from across the state in early August for a two-day agricultural workshop at the Greene County Career Center and Conover Research Farm near Xenia, Ohio.

The workshop, “Feeding the World: Science, Energy and Agriculture,” was created by the Ohio Corn Marketing Program (OCMP) and the Greene County Career Center to encourage middle and high school science teachers to include agricultural topics in their lesson plans.

Participants explored the Conover Research Farm’s demonstration plots, spoke with agricultural experts and learned lab skills to pass along to their students this new school year.

Six curriculums approved by the board of education were shared with the teachers. Subjects covered included global food security, biotechnology, soil and sustainability, water quality, biofuels and the value of corn production.

Industry experts from companies including The Andersons, Purina, Trupointe, LG Seeds and Cargill also met with the group to talk about the place of corn in the economy and how it affects businesses.

“I spoke with several teachers from the workshop and heard many say how surprised they were to learn exactly how much science and math are involved in farming. They were impressed!” said Paul Herringshaw, chairman of the Ohio Corn Marketing Program.

Feeding the World: Science, Energy and Agriculture, will become a yearly workshop for Ohio’s middle and high school teachers.

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