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Phillip Topp puts the final touch on a Brown Swiss heifer from Topp-View Farm of Botkins.

Center of the dairy universe: 2013 World Dairy Expo

Dairy farmers and dairy cattle breeding enthusiasts gathered at the Center of the Dairy Universe, more commonly known as the 2013 World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin the first week of October. Dubbed the Center of the Dairy Universe, WDE drew over 70,900 devotees from across the globe eager to explore the dynamic dairy industry. Whether a breeder of registered dairy cattle or a commercial dairy farmer, the central purpose in attending WDE is the knowledge gained for more efficient milk production. With the growing consumption of dairy products and rising export market, the American dairy farmer strives to fill that demand.

The central attraction throughout the show was the 2,225 bovine beauties representing seven dairy breeds paraded across the colorful shavings before throngs of admirers and the Dairy Universe backdrop. The grand finale of WDE was staged Saturday, Oct. 5 when Bonaccueil Maya Goldwyn, owned by a group from Cap Sante, Quebec – Canada, was named Supreme Champion. Earlier in the day, Maya was named winning Six-Year-Old, Senior Champion and Grand Champion of the 2013 International Holstein Show. Maya was also designated Grand Champion of the 2012 International Holstein Show.

KHW Regiment Apple-3-ETN-Red, owned by Westcoast Holsteins of Chillwack, British Columbia, Canada was crowned Reserve Supreme Champion. Apple 3 emerged as Grand Champion from the 2013 International Red & White Show held one day earlier. Coincidently, Apple 3 is the third clone from the Million Dollar Cow, KHW Regiment Apple-ET-Red.

The influence of this grand event was expected to generate in excess of $19 million in Madison alone with a statewide impact exceeding $50 million. Exhibition buildings with 843 commercial exhibitors from 29 countries touted their most up-to-date dairy farming innovations. The New Holland Trade Center added nearly 26,000 square feet of exhibit space and 138 exhibits to Expo’s expansive trade show. Education events, including forage seminars were held daily. There were also virtual dairy farm tours throughout the state of Wisconsin each day during WDE for those desiring to see the application of new technologies and equipment.

Those from the Buckeye state who exhibited cattle were scattered throughout the massive barns. And their winnings were plentiful. John and Bonnie Ayars along with their son, Lucas, owners of Land of Living Registered Guernseys of Mechanicsburg have been regular exhibitors at WDE.

“I believe we’ve shown cattle 30 times at WDE and have missed very few events when not exhibiting,” John said. “World Dairy Expo is the premier event to showcase our cattle. Our favorable standings in the

The Ayars Family from Land of Living Guernseys at Mechanicsburg, Ohio; l/r: Lucas, John and Bonnie.
The Ayars Family from Land of Living Guernseys at Mechanicsburg, Ohio; l/r: Lucas, John and Bonnie.

showing aid our merchandising. In addition, I am able to connect with more people in a shorter span of time than any other event relating to the dairy cattle business. And, I’ve always gained new contacts and helpful information for our farming operation at WDE.”

Here are some Ohio highlights from the different WDE shows:


International Ayrshire Show

•  Jack Miller, Brander – Miller’s Burt Bran Muffin

Total Performance Winner


International Brown Swiss Show

• Topp View & Jeff Woods, Botkins – Forfront BNZ Tip Top

Junior Champion Female

• Wayne E. Sliker, St. Paris – Topp Acres Supreme Wizard

Reserve Grand Champion Female


International Guernsey Show

• Bill & Linda Glue, Circleville – Bluemoons L. Darby

Reserve Junior Champion Female

• Ray m. & Kay Lindsey, Oakwood – Walnut Corner Kojack Mya

Guernsey 2013 World Dairy Expo International Futurity

International Jersey Show

• Gene Iager & Craig Walton, Pleasant Plain – Stoney Point

Tequila Sunrise

Junior Champion Female

• Triple-T Holsteins Entourage & Cybil Fisher, North Lewisburg –

Extreme Electra

Reserve Senior Champion Female


International Milking Shorthorn Show

• Topp-View, Botkins – Topp-View Moonshine Alexa

Junior Champion Female

• Sarah Rhoades, Greenville – Buckeye Knoll Pimamzing-EXP

Reserve Junior Champion Female


Junior Milking Shorthorn Show

• Sarah Rhoades, Greenville – Buckeye Knoll Pimamzing-EXP

Junior Champion Female


Ohio youth at WDE

Youth from across Ohio were successful participates in numerous contests, both as judges and exhibitors. The experience gained through these competitive events provides invaluable skills and character building for their future endeavors. Most notable accomplishments included the dairy judging teams and their rankings. The Ohio State University Dairy Cattle Judging team, coached by Bonnie Ayars, placed fourth out of 19 teams in the National Intercollegiate Dairy Cattle Judging Contest. The Ohio State University Ag Tech Dairy Cattle Judging team, coached by Royce Thornton, placed thirdout of 15 teams in the Post-Secondary Dairy Cattle Judging Contest. And the Ohio 4-H Dairy Cattle Judging Team, coached by Bonnie Ayars, placed seventh out of 25 teams in the National 4-H Dairy Cattle Judging Contest.

While several youth from Ohio placed well in their respective junior breed show, Sarah Rhoades from Greenville received the highest placing with her Junior Champion Milking Shorthorn, Buckeye Knoll Pimamzing-EXP.

National Intercollegiate Dairy Cattle Judging Contest

•  Fourth Place Team / 19 Teams total

The Ohio State University – Bonnie Ayars, Coach

• Team Members – Robin Alden, Jared Smith and Lara Staples

Hillary Hayman, Alternate



Post-Secondary Dairy Cattle Judging Contest

• Third Place Team / 15 Teams total

Ohio State University Ag Tech

• Team Members – Laura Bond, Dan Grim,

Marshall Overholt and Meghan Thurston



National 4-H Dairy Cattle Judging Contest

• Seventh Place Team / 25 Teams total

Ohio 4-H Dairy Cattle Judging Team – Bonnie Ayars, Coach

• Team Members – Colton Harstine, Cody Jodrey & Corey Jodrey

Heath Geyer, Alternate


Foreigners from around the world

Although the final attendance figures were not available at press time, the typical count approaches 3,000. The top five foreign countries at the 2013 Expo were Canada, Japan, Mexico, Germany and Brazil. With this world representation, it’s understandable why WDE is the Center of the Dairy Universe.

Among the foreign visitors was a group from Germany engaged in a Reverse Trade Mission conducted by the Red & White Dairy Cattle Association (RWDCA). This dairy cattle association is a member of U.S. Livestock Genetics Export. USLGE is funded via the U.S Foreign Agriculture Service. Their sole purpose is to promote U.S. livestock genetics throughout the world. This may be accomplished through the sale of live animals, frozen semen or frozen embryos. The breed organization may travel to foreign countries to promote their genetics. Or they may accommodate foreign breeders with travel in the United States to educate and promote their genetics as with the RWDCA Reverse Trade Mission.

Christof Baldus, a breeder and dairy genetics merchandiser, along with Stefan Siepermann, a breeder and banker, have a keen interest in U.S. Red & White dairy cattle genetics. As members of

Center of the Dairy Universe this entourage, they were able to visit farms throughout the upper Midwest.

“As the owner of Red & White cattle, I wanted to learn about the best genetics the U.S. has to offer. I have used many of the bulls from the U.S. but now I want to develop contacts to import embryos. The World Dairy Expo is held in high regard in Germany so I was anxious to attend the show in Madison, Wisconsin,” Stefan said.

Christof Baldus is a seasoned traveler in search of superior genetics from the United States.

“I am especially interested in Red & White genetics along with polled dairy cattle. On previous trips I went to Ohio where I am now using genetics from Ja-Bob Holsteins of Eaton, Pine Tree Holsteins of Rittman and Aggravation Acres of New Knoxville. I always look forward to my visit to WDE where I can reconnect with other breeders and friends I have made over the years. It’s always educational for me,” Christof said.


Dairy related contests and attractions

The World Forage Analysis Superbowl started 30 years ago at WDE. Farmers from 17 states submittedWDE3 321 entries in seven forage categories. Cash prizes totaled $22,000 with $3,000 awarded to the Grand Champion. Greg Troyer of Dalton placed first in the Dairy Haylage division while Fuchs Kerfield Dairy of Albany, Minnesota took Grand Champion honors.

“The World Forage Analysis Superbowl has been a great partner for World Dairy Expo throughout the years, bringing together both producer and forage experts who present the seminars,” said Liz Matzke, marketing manager for world Dairy Expo.

Sponsored by the Wisconsin Dairy Products Association, the World Dairy Expo Championship Dairy Product Contest was held Aug. 13 and 14 in Madison area venues. This year’s contest received a record number of 820 entries from dairy processors. Dairy manufacturers have the opportunity to compete in a prestigious, all-dairy national contest. First place winners from this contest were auctioned Oct. 1, during WDE. A portion of the proceeds are awarded annually to students pursuing careers in the dairy industry.

The 2013 World Dairy Expo lived up to its advance billing as the Center of the Dairy Universe. Those missed this year’s extravaganza, be sure to schedule a trip to Madison, Wisconsin for another spectacular event Sept. 30 through Oct. 4, 2014. Excitement is already building for next year’s event as two new pavilions totaling 300,000 square feet are expected to replace the aging and crowded barns.

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