“Chew on This Tour” educates Ohio State public on food supply

Guests eating at the Chew on This Tour held recently at Ohio State

Guests eating at the Chew on This Tour held recently at Ohio State

The world will need 70% more food by the year 2050.

This and other facts about the need of more efficient food production for the future were the center of the “Chew on This Tour” that recently visited the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environment Sciences at The Ohio State University. Nutra Blend and Elanco are sponsors of the traveling event, which was designed to present consumers and producers with accurate information regarding their food supply.

Wayne Pagel is a territory manager for Nutra Blend and one of the workers of the event. He said the presentation was created to help get accurate information about the food supply out to the public in a non-confrontational way and to combat negative publicity plaguing the food industry.

“The Chew on This Tour is basically a program to raise awareness of the need for more food production in the world and the problem of world hunger and the fact that we are only going to be able to address world hunger by producing more from less,” Pagel said. “From time to time there is some negative publicity about farming or farming practices and we just want to dispel the myths and let people know that we do have the safest food supply and that agriculture is a highly regulated industry.”

The tour offered free lunch to those on campus

The tour offered free lunch to those on campus

Guests were presented with a 12-minute “The Drive to Feed the World” video that addressed common food misconceptions. A free pork barbecue lunch was available for any visitors. The road-ready presentation has been to over 60 destinations including Vermont, California, Texas, and Kentucky since it began touring earlier this year. The tour is made up of two main mobile units serving as a theater and a cooking station. The setup of the event was created specifically to present guests with a comfortable environment to learn about the U.S. food supply.

The single-day attraction had the goal of interacting with 600 people while at Ohio State. Representatives from Nutra Blend and the Ohio Pork Producers helped with the event in addition to three full-time workers that travel with the tour.

More information on the Chew on This Tour can be found at the tour’s website at www.drivetofeed.com.

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