The Weekly Corn Belt Update – {October 14th, 2013}


Host:  Jay Calhoun of Colgan Commodities “Snapshot Tour”

This is a daily update on crop and weather conditions across  locations in the Corn Belt.  Listen to the audio report in full by visiting and clicking on the audio tab.

Maumee, Ohio

Northwest Ohio and Michigan had a beautiful run over the weekend.  The river elevator in Maumee was wall to wall with bean deliveries. Rain is in the forecast for Tuesday-Wednesday and many will wrap up by then. Those that don’t should see bean harvest wrapped up by the weekend.  Yields are averageing 55+ and a statewide average in Ohio of 50 will not be out of the question.  Michigan has actually had even better weather than OH-IO this year.  Wheat acres are expected to be average this year. 

Henderson, KY

The areas north and south of the river had a hard run with both beans and corn over the weekend.  Bean harvest is under 50% and yielding 50-60 and corn is at least 50%+ with yields running 170-200 so far.  Producers are drilling wheat as well.

Greenville, OH

Harvest was wide open in western Ohio.  Yields are averaging 50+ with reports ranging from 40-65.  Producers who don’t finish before the rains on Tuesday will likely finish by the weekend.  Corn harvest is well under way as well, but likely still in the 35-40% complete range.  Yields are 160-200+ so far.  Lots of wheat was drilled prior to the last rain event.  It is already up and looking outstanding.

Champaign, ILL

It was a great harvest week last week in Illinois, with no rain since October 6th, which allowed  80% of the beans to be  harvested in east-central Illinois and close to 50% of the corn. There is a chance of rain Tuesday, but the rest of the week looks clear and cool. Corn yields continue to be consistently 10 bpa better than what we were thinking a month ago. Bean yields are better than previously thought, but there is a lot of variability (35 bpa to 75 bpa.

Peoria ILL

The Camp Grove area near Peoria continues to be wide open for harvest.  50% of the corn and beans are harvested, with yields averaging mid 50’s on beans and 180-200+ on corn. 

Bird Island, MN

Western Minnesota is already seeing drizzle this morning.   Bean harvest is 70% complete.  Yields are in the upper 40’s to lower 50’s.  Corn yields are 150-180 tops and no better than 180.  A drought at the end of the season has disappointment in yields vs last year. 

Anselmo , NE

Bean harvest is 60-70% complete and barring any heavy rains today, should wrap up by this weekend.  Irrigated yields are running 65-80.  Producers are quite pleased.

Sheldon, IA

It is already drizzling in NW Iowa this morning, with .01” of rain so far.  It looks to be an all-day event and the rain is welcome.  A good inch would not halt harvest long as they have been dry.  It was a big weekend for bean harvest, and while yields are sporadic, (30-70) the average looks to be around 55 in NW Iowa.  Corn has just started with moisture still around 21%.  They had very windy conditions over the weekend but the corn is standing like a soldier.

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