The Weekly Corn Belt Update – {October 21st, 2013}


The Snapshot Tour is hosted by Jay Calhoun of Colgan Commodities. This is a daily update on crop and weather conditions across  locations in the Corn Belt.  Listen to the audio report in full by visiting and clicking on the audio tab.

Maumee, Ohio

Northwest Ohio will likely wrap up bean harvest this week. Corn is estimated at 25%.  Weather moved activity from bean to corn harvest and once they get past tonight’s chance of rain, bean harvest should return to full throttle.  Yields are above average so far on beans.   

Henderson, KY

Weather has also slowed bean harvest north and south of the river.  Breezy conditions allowed producers to get back in the fields on Sunday and they worked on beans.  They are over 30% done with bens, and 50% on corn.

Greenville, OH

Bean harvest came to a standstill thanks to Mother Nature.  Once rain moved through Friday, wind and sun has returned and producers will be back at bean harvest today.  Yields are better than expected, but, yields do seem to be dropping off on the later beans.  Yields have ranged from 30-65.  Corn harvest is at least 50% complete.  Rain is on the horizon for later today and tomorrow, so harvest will slow up til it passes, then the forecast looks good through early next week.

Champaign, ILL

East-central Illinois is 85% done on soybeans. Early yields ran between 55 bpa and 65 bpa, much better than expected, considering how dry it was in August and September.  The later beans ran 47 -57 bpa, not as good as the earlier beans, but still much better than what we were expecting.  We should finish up all but the double-crop beans this week.

Corn harvest is 65% done in our area. Corn yields have been consistently better than what we were expecting. Corn is running between 170 bpa and 210 bpa, with an average of 190 bpa. This is about 10 bpa better than what most people were expecting about a month ago.

Weather looks rainy Tuesday, but the rest of the week is cool and clear, which should allow us to get to 90% complete on corn by the end of the week.

 Peoria ILL

Producers were able to hit it hard over the weekend thanks to windy conditions.  Some of the corn is starting to go down, so they will want to go after that.  Bean harvest should wrap up later this week.  Yields on beans planted in June have dropped off to the lower 40’s.

Bird Island, MN

Not much harvest activity over the weekend.  Fields are pretty muddy, so only corn is getting harvested.  There has been no bean harvest for almost two weeks.  They are 70% complete on beans and 50% on corn.

Anselmo , NE

Bean harvest is 85% complete and corn is just getting a good start at 30%.  Yields are better than anticipated, and after the last two years, quite welcome.

Sheldon, IA

Farmers were able to work over the weekend.  There was rain Saturday which slowed up progress,and there is  a 40% chance back in the forecast for tonight.  Beans are 80% complete and corn is only 20%.  Overall, yields are very good in NW Iowa.

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