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Is the Tribine the future of harvesting crops?
This January 2013 story got so much attention because of the unique concept behind the Tribine. Countless hours of farm shop figuring by Ben Dillon from Indiana led to the development of this combine and grain cart in one articulated unit in what was described as the first fundamentally new harvester architecture to come out since self-propelled combines became available in the 1940s. Dillon’s modified AGCO Combine moves the grain tank from the top of the machine to the rear, allowing for a much larger hopper to be included. In total, there are 28 patents on the Tribine that offers a number of practical advantages in the field. The machine boasts a 1,000-bushel grain tank with a two-minute unload time and electronic unload assist. It’s also full-time four-wheel drive and considered a Class 8 combine.

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