Emergency declaration makes it easier for propane, heating oil transportation in Ohio

Arctic weather conditions in Ohio and nine other states has resulted in an emergency declaration, making it easier for motor carriers and drivers to transport propane and heating oil.

State and federal officials issued the emergency declaration to prevent shortages and interruptions in the availability and/or delivery of propane and other home heating fuels. Besides Ohio, the declaration is for Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska and Wisconsin. It is in effect for the duration of the emergency or until Feb. 11.

In Ohio, motor carriers and drivers transporting propane and heating oil to address transportation issues arising from severe weather, heavy snowfall and difficult driving conditions are exempt from compliance with Rule 4901:2-5-02 of the Ohio Administrative Code and 49 CFR Part 395. Any such provision of a state statute, order or rule pertaining to the hours-of-service is suspended. The order applies only to propane and heating oil; no other petroleum products are covered by the exemption and suspension.

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  1. Oh God!!!! Seriously, if at this rate the heating oil prices continue to rise, survival will actually become a challenge espically in the extreme winter conditions.

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