Grape-Nuts goes GMO-free

GMO grapes?

Just kidding. Grapes (as the name would indicate) are not on the ingredient list of original Grape-Nuts that will now be “non-GMO verified.”

Post Foods made the announcement that the non-GMO cereal that is not made from grapes or nuts will be on store shelves this month.

“We are exploring some of our other cereals to see if there is potential going forward to add more non-GMO verified products to the Post Foods product line. We are always listening to our consumers and looking for ways to provide a good variety of products,” Post Foods said in a statement.

The Grape-Nuts ingredient list includes: whole grain wheat flour, malted barley flour, isolated soy protein, salt, whole grain barley flour, malt extract, and dried yeast. The soy ingredient is the only one with potential to come from a genetically modified crop.

Post’s announcement closely follows that of General Mills’ release of non-GMO original Cheerios in early January.

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