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Ohio Pork Council working to find PEDv solution

As Ohio’s pork industry continues to deal with the effects of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv), the Ohio Pork Council is working with farmers and veterinarians to find a solution.

The Ohio Pork Council is working with the National Pork Board to fund research projects, being conducted by Dr. Andy Bowman with The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, exploring opportunities to control and prevent the spread of the virus.

OPC also coordinates the Ohio PRRSv & PEDv Task Force, consisting of veterinarians, farmers, allied industry and other pork stakeholders. The group meets regularly to discuss strategies to aid in the control and eventual eradication of swine diseases.

“Farmers are losing baby pigs to the new PEDv,” said Dick Isler, executive vice president, Ohio Pork Council. “The Ohio Pork Council is making every effort to provide support to our members and offer accurate information about this issue to the public. PEDv is a serious problem that pig farmers are currently faced with, but it is not a human health issue. It (PEDv) has no effect on the safety or quality of pork.”

For more info on PEDv, visit: OhioPork.org/Pork-Council-Information, or click here to view the archive of Pork Checkoff PEDv Updates.

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