Increasing effort to benefit wheat with biotech

A group of forward-looking organizations from the U.S., Canada and Australia united in ensuring wheat supplies remain abundant, while meeting the highest quality and nutrition standards, by making an international commitment to innovation through biotechnology.

Wheat represents about 20% of human calorie intake and serves as an essential part of the global diet. Biotechnology could help the crop play and even greater role in global food security.

“Unfortunately, wheat production is on a downward trend around the world because net returns per acre often favor other crops. Wheat demand could very well outstrip the supply in the not-so-distant future. As such, further innovation in research and biotechnology is key to realizing the promise of improved products, more sustainable production and environmental benefits,” said Bob Stallman, president of the American Farm Bureau, one of the organizations involved in the international effort. “AFBF supports the effort to synchronize the commercialization of biotech traits in wheat. While acknowledging the importance of commercializing biotech wheat to ensure farmers can meet worldwide demand, we are equally adamant that customer choice is paramount. Where there is demand for non-biotech wheat, we will work to see it is met.

“In addition, we are urging the governments of wheat growing and importing countries to maintain sound, science-based regulatory systems, as well as to adopt reasonable low-level presence policies to keep trade flowing.”


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