Ohio Sheep Day and grazing tour to be held in July

The 2014 Ohio Sheep Day is scheduled for Sat., July 12, 2014. It will be held at the Ray Family Farm, home of Shawn and Kim Ray and Family. The farm is located in beautiful Noble County, at 50725 Ray Ln., Cumberland, Ohio 43732.

Ray Family Farm is a primarily grass based commercial sheep, goat, and cattle operation in the heart of Appalachia Ohio, concentrating their efforts on providing the highest quality forages to their livestock. The farm is located in Southeastern Ohio where the terrain is very rough and rolling, making it an ideal location for ruminant livestock production.

This year’s Ohio Sheep Day will once again focus on programming which will increase and improve the productivity and profitability of sheep and other small ruminant operations. This year’s program will also feature the ASI Eastern Region Predator Control Workshop focused on controlling the primary species of predators in the east — coyotes and black vultures.

Below is a partial list of the programs that attendees will see at the 2014 Ohio Sheep Day includes:


  • Eastern State Predator Programs and Philosophies
  • Effective Use of Guard Animals for Predator Control
  • Non-lethal Predator Control Methods
  • Utilization of Trapping and Snaring Techniques
  • Utilization of Livestock Protection Collars and M-44’s
  • Basic Sheep Management Practices for the Beginner or Novice Shepherd
  • Successful Agricultural Lime Application for Forages
  • Successful Pasture Renovation
  • Basics of Small Ruminant Pasture and Grazing Management
  • Selection of Sheep Equipment


A trade show will also take place at the Ohio Sheep Day event, where attendees may visit and purchase supplies and equipment. This show will deal with several aspects of sheep production and management. Ohio Sheep Day will offer visitors the opportunity to visit a successful sheep farming operation dedicated to sheep production in a profitable way. Sheep farmers and anyone interested in sheep management is cordially invited to attend.

Sheep producers will also receive great ideas about sheep nutrition, sheep management systems and many other areas of sheep production. A lamb luncheon is included as part of registration for the Ohio Sheep Day event. No pre-registration is necessary.

For further questions regarding Ohio Sheep Day activities, please contact Roger A. High at (614) 246-8299 or by email at rhigh@ofbf.org. Additional Ohio Sheep Day information and directions to the site can be found on the Ohio Sheep Improvement Association website at www.ohiosheep.org.

On July 11, sheep owners and others interested in forage management are invited to participate in the sheep grazing/forage management tour in Noble County. The tour will be conducted in the rolling hills of Noble County, with four stops. Topics to be discussed at the farms will include information for the beginning sheep farmer, cool season pasture species, use of minerals, fencing and rotational grazing management, breeding management and marketing. Each farm will have something different to offer as they explain how their operation works for their farm and family.

Ohio Sheep Day is sponsored by the Ohio Sheep Improvement Association, Ohio Sheep and Wool Program, OSU Sheep Team, Ohio State University Extension, Ohio State University Animal Sciences Department, Pennsylvania Sheep and Wool Growers Association, USDA Wildlife Services and the American Sheep Industry.




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