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Tall drink of misinformation: The murky mistruths of water

Water is directly responsible for millions of deaths every year. Water is in the system of every person who has died from cancer. Water, mixed with sodium, is toxic for many types of plants. Ingesting water can be fatal within minutes for young children. Evil world dictators are universally linked with water consumption. Water can be found within a quarter mile of all bee hive losses. With the proper spin, omission and phrasing, it is possible to use facts that make just about anything sound scary. Despite these unsettling facts, there will not likely be any efforts launched for a nationwide label on all products that have any association with contamination from water. None of the above statements about water are in any way untrue, but because everyone has first-hand experience with water every day, they know better. There is significant potential for the generation of fear, however, when spin-laden scare tactics are applied to things people are less familiar with, including genetic modification, pesticides and large farms. A few scary sounding ingredients or practices can conjure up quite a bit of fear in a hurry. Before you know it, people are protesting in the streets anti-Monsanto style without any real inkling of what is really happening. With this in mind, it is always interesting to read about the realities of situations that have been the source of so much unfounded fear. I recently read an excellent article comparing the use of glyphosate to a homemade, unscary-sounding herbicide concoction of vinegar, salt and dish soap. Both herbicides have pros and cons depending on the specific situation, but glyphosate is lower cost, more effective and less toxic in many ways than the homemade herbicide. Here is the science behind the assessment from It is a fascinating read, enjoy.

In the meantime, I plan on writing my congressional representatives about this water labeling idea (and not a watered down version either), organizing an anti-water rally at the Statehouse, and lobbying Big Food to eliminate water from their production practices, taps, and ingredient lists. 

At all costs, we must thirst for the truth! As citizens we must unite to protect our bees and children by keeping our heads above water when it comes to unfounded fear-inspiring misinformation!

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  1. Facts can be tricky: We are told that drinking 8 glasses of water per day is healthy. However, inhaling just a small quantity of water can kill you (drowning).

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