The Weekly Corn Belt Crop Update – June 6th, 2014


Host:  Jay Calhoun of Colgan Commodities “Snapshot Tour”

The Snapshot Tour is hosted by Jay Calhoun of Colgan Commodities. This is a daily update on crop and weather conditions across locations in the Corn Belt.  Listen to the audio report in full by visiting and clicking on the audio tab.

Maumee, Ohio

In the immediate NW Ohio region, crops “simply couldn’t be better!”.  There are still producers planting corn in Michigan but they have simply changed the variety.  Overall NW OH is off to one of the best starts, and certainly in line for trend line yields.

  Greenville, OH

In the Darke county area, the county has been almost split between the northern half being wet and the southern half a bit dry. The last rain event was a great rain, and the crops have all really “taken off” and look very, very good. There are still locations in Ohio that are getting the last of beans in, and replanting both crops.

Logansport, IN

The central and northwestern locations in Indiana, especially around Logansport/Clymers, may very well be one of the garden spots so far this growing season. They have been catching the lighter side of the rains, and wouldn’t mind a bit more moisture.

 Trenton TN

Parts of TN received very heavy rainfall amounts in the past few days.  One producer said “I don’t know how much I got because this morning it was empty and now it is overflowing…”.  They had expected to start wheat harvest in the next few days, and this will definitely delay that.  Parts of Arkansas, where corn was head high, saw the it “laid down flat” after high winds.

Champaign Ill

Illinois got off to one of the best starts in recent memory, with most of the corn planted and emerged. In a line from Champaign to Lafayette, the crop continues to improve!  Much of the corn in this area is just shy of “knee-high”, and looks very consistent. Crop is still on target for full yield potential.

 Peoria, ILL

NW Illinois crops look great, especially around the Peoria area.  They put 85% of their nitrogen on in the fall, and should be able to get the balance side-dressed before the corn gets too tall.  Crops is on target for full yield potential!

Bird Island, MN

Our reporter for this location, west and south of MSP, rates the crop as “neutral” this week. While they got another  .3” they didn’t want or need, it will keep them out of the fields now another 4 days. In spite of the rough start, they think they will still have nice crops!

Kearney NE

The crop is all in, and looking very good.  There were very severe storms earlier in the week, but this area was missed, fortunately.  In those areas that had high winds and hail, some of the corn will likely go to milo.

Oewlein, IA

The crop is progressing along quite quickly. The majority of the crop should be side-dressed by this weekend.  “Even the replant corn is looking awesome!!!”  The crop has improved, and our contributor believes they are still in line for trend line yields!

Sheldon, IA

All of our locations reported absolutely beautiful weather today!  NW Iowa missed some of the showers yesterday, and would still like a bit more moisture, but overall, the crop has full yield potential.  The corn is “halfway to knee-high” and should easily be knee high before 4th of July!

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