Welcome to the Stink Fest

No, I don’t technically hold a festival dedicated to all things stinky at my house each fall, but despite that fact a powerful stench annually wafts from the barn area.

I’m not polluting the air, and I haven’t started a home for wayward skunks, but despite that fact things tend to get a little raunchy smelling in my barn this time of year. In the autumn, nature takes its course and my Pygmy goat bucks try to impress my Pygmy goat does with their level of pungency as breeding season begins at my house. Pygmy does can be bred anytime of year, but I prefer spring kids and though the bucks like to impress their ladies with their odor during nearly any season, they take it to stinkier levels as the air turns chilly during the months of fall.

I do notice the offensive odor that permeates my premises as the bucks strut their stuff, but I have become partially used to it. I also tend to think the price my nose pays during breeding season is more than compensated by the cute little baby goats that I consequently am able to help welcome into the world after the bucks have done their jobs the previous fall.

So as you enjoy the smell of leaves and all the other aromas of fall like pumpkin pie, if your nose is accidentally forced to endure other smells of fall that sometimes go with the natural animal mating season, just remember to be thankful for the adorable offspring that those stinky smells will hopefully help create and enjoy the Stink Fest.

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