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OSA Board suggests changes to bylaws

The Ohio Soybean Association (OSA) Board of Trustees recently made recommendations to amend the OSA bylaws. The OSA Board of Trustees, consisting of 20 volunteer Ohio soybean farmers and industry representatives, approved the recommendations during the September board meeting.

OSA members are encouraged to review the changes at www.soyohio.org. OSA members will then have the opportunity to vote on the changes at OSA’s annual meeting on Dec. 18 in Columbus. The annual meeting will be held in conjunction with Ohio Grain Farmers Symposium (OGFS). OGFS gives Ohio’s soybean, corn and wheat growers the opportunity to hear about agricultural issues that have affected farmers over the past year as well as important issues that are on the horizon for 2015.

“OSA revisits the bylaws annually, and recommends changes as part of the review process to ensure the organization is on target with all the rules and regulations,” said Tommie Price, OSA president and soybean farmer from Putnam County. “The OSA Board of Trustees takes the process seriously and invites all OSA members to vote on the proposed changes during the annual meeting.”

For more information, visit www.soyohio.org or call OSA’s office at 614-476-3100.

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