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“Expanding goat” and friends deliver unexpected numbers

We were awakened at 4 a.m. by a goat in labor on a day when the temperatures started out below zero and the high was in the single digits. When I bred the goats last fall, I never imagined that in late February the temperatures would be so brutal.

Despite the below zero temperatures, we managed to have three does give birth to a total of eight healthy kids that same morning. By 9:30 a.m., all 11 goats were snuggled up in the utility room in our basement. I know it sounds crazy, but the kids were starting to freeze before we could dry them.

One set of kids and their mother stayed inside for 24 hours. The other two sets benefited from the warmth of the house for 48. Within 50 hours, amazingly, it was like no goat had ever stepped a hoof in the house. We had everything looking and smelling like normal and we were very grateful we had a place that we could temporarily house the newborns and their mothers so that they wouldn’t freeze to death.

Two sets of triplets and one set of twins were born. You may remember my blog about my “expanding goat” Helina. I wasn’t surprised that she gave birth to triplets, but I was surprised that a tiny little doe popped out three kids instead of one or two.

Despite their cool start to life, all the kids are thriving and their mothers are healthy. I do take supplemental bottles to the barn several times a day to be sure the triplets are eating enough but that is it. I feel overjoyed to have been so blessed by an abundance of health goats.

Now it is time to just set back and enjoy and play with them unless you are too tired from caring for them to play. Then you can just lay back and enjoy the goat kisses.


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