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Field signs pay tribute to Brian Myers

This summer you may see some unusual field signs when traveling rural roadways in northwest Ohio.  Here’s why.

In June, 20-year-old Brian Myers from Paulding County was tragically killed in a car accident.  He was serving as an intern for AgriGold in northwest Ohio and was attending The Ohio State University.

Brian was known for being enthusiastic about AgriGold and agriculture. As a tribute to Brian, all of the current interns gathered earlier this week with help from other AgriGold employees, Brian’s family, and staff members at Pond Seed Company to prepare and put up field signs in Brian’s territory — a task Brian had been assigned for the summer. The group replaced the typical hybrid information on the signs with an unusual, but fitting, tag line.

“Our tag line is ‘WE KNOW CORN’ and we changed it to ‘BRIAN KNOWS CORN.’ His family came in for a ceremony and we put stickers on signs together. It was a tough evening, but it was a healing event too,” said Nathan Louiso, regional sales manager for AgriGold. “Brian was really excited to be an intern and work with Pond Seed Company and go back to his home farm. It was a tough loss for the community and his family.”

After preparing the signs on Tuesday, the group blanketed the area with 400 to 500 field signs on Wednesday and Thursday.

“It would have taken him the whole summer, but they did it in a couple of days,” Louiso said.

A Brian Myers Scholarship Fund was set up through the Paulding County Area Foundation.


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