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Andy Rodefer, Sept. 14

We’re trying to get ready to start harvesting. We have some early beans I think we could run this week. I haven’t checked the corn moisture yet but I was thinking it would be a couple more weeks before we start much corn.

We have caught a few rains. I think in the last week we had over an inch in two different rains. I know some areas around us have gotten as much as two or three inches. We haven’t gotten as much as we’d like but I do think it has been helping. Even some more this week would still help I think.

With the early corn, I am confident it is going to be a pretty good crop. The later corn, I don’t know. We know it is hurt but we don’t know how bad it is hurt. I am worried about the stalk quality. It is definitely going to be a concern. If we start getting some rain and some windy conditions it is going to be a problem. I don’t think it matters what brand or what hybrid, those problems are present out in the fields.

With soybeans it is kind of the same thing. They do seem to be podded fairly heavily. I don’t think it is going to be the best crop we’ve ever had but I don’t think it is going to be the worst crop either. We are going to hit our early beans first and get the early group IIIs run. The later beans are still several weeks out.

We are getting geared up and I hope we have a nice fall and that everyone has a safe harvest. We’d like to get a dry fall to get this crop off and get some tillage done to break up the compaction that is out there.

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