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Farmers wrapping up 2015 harvest

Andy Rodefer, Preble Co.
Andy Rodefer, Preble Co.

Things are moving along. We are down to 130 or 140 acres of corn for ourselves and then 400 acres of custom work. We have been rolling pretty steady. We got three tenths over the weekend and that put us out until yesterday afternoon.

We had pretty good bean yields. They were not as good as last year but we had a lot of beans go over 60 bushels. We were pretty satisfied with that.

Corn has been all over the place. We had a lot of 200-bushel corn and a lot in the 180s. We had some corn around 100 bushels. There were a few fields that were not good but most of it has been pretty decent. The lowest field average we have seen was 82 bushels an acre, but that was a very wet farm and the last field we planted. We had several fields that averaged 220 dry.

We have one other large acreage farm to go that has some water damage in it. We had some fields damaged with water where we thought we’d be lucky to get a 100 bushels an acre and they were anywhere from 125- to 150-bushel averages. I would not have thought they would make that.

There is a lot of really bad corn in this area too. There are some fields around here where the whole field was shelled and they came out with one semi load. There have been a lot of fields around here under 100 bushels an acre. The only corn that is faring well was planted early and everything that did well around here for us was disked ripped last fall. We have one field that did well on gravel that is hilly and it is no-till, but it can handle the water.

We have been doing some disk ripping and chiseling and it hasn’t been too bad, but a little rain won’t hurt anything.

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