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Soggy conditions are slowing planting progress around the state

Jeremy Goyings, Paulding Co.
Jeremy Goyings, Paulding Co.

I am actually in a sprayer right now spraying a field we just got done planting. There is some drizzle moving in so I think we will be done for a little while anyway.

We got about a third of the corn in prior to today. We hadn’t run for about a week and a half there until last night when we fired up at midnight. We got 120 acres of corn in last night. We are just shy of about a third of our beans in.

We are feeling pretty good about our progress. I was getting nervous when it got down to 40 degrees at night two or three days after we got it in the ground. The crops are waiting for some warm weather to explode, but they are still growing. We need some nice 70-degree days to get everything to pop at the same time. Everything is treated. I am sleeping well at night knowing the seed is treated. We are just waiting on some sunshine now.

We do not have anything you can row yet. We planted the first corn on April 26 and 27 and those cold nights have been holding it down. I would say with as many cold nights as we had, there could be some uniformity issues. They are calling for low 70s here and a half-inch to an inch of rain in the next few days. That should be good for the stuff that is in the ground.

I would say if we got two or three good drying days we could get back in. Close to Paulding we are a little ahead of the game but over by the Indiana line we are about on par with most of the neighbors.

The wheat looks beautiful. It seems to have taken the nitrogen really well. It is nice and green and growing strong. I am optimistic about the wheat.

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