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“The Farmer” poem from AgriCountry

We live in a world that’s ever changing, agriculture included.

But some things tend to stay the same down the years. The American farmer is an example of one of those non-wavering ideals.

Watch as we take a look back at “The Farmer” poem written by Dave Boyers and read by Ed Johnson, originally aired on the television show AgriCountry in 1983.

In 33 years, little seems to have changed about this way of life.


  1. We are in Ed’s generation. There has never been a better ag comminucator! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you so much for the Ed Johnson piece. It was so good to hear his voice. The voice of agriculture. His enthusiasm and love of agriculture was evident from the first time I met Ed around 1973. He was one of the few early supporters of no-till crop production. As a former Chevron Rep. I have had the pleasure of working with Ed. Having him at every major no-till field day was the highlight of any farmer Event. He will always be remembered as a close friend. He is remembered and missed by many of the old timers who have had the pleasure and fortune of knowing Ed.
    I feel honored in knowing him. Again thank you for this vedio.

    Bill Haddad

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