Feeding Farmers Week 4 — John and Judy Heitkamp Farm, Auglaize County

The final week of 2016 Feeding Farmers in the Field took the Ohio Ag Net crew to Auglaize County to the John and Judy Heitkamp Farm. The grain operation is unique in that it employs nearly 80% of its acreage to continuos corn. The family operation is staying busy this harvest season with help from all corners of the family tree, including John’s father Dennis, and more.

Dale Minyo visited with John Heitkamp about the farm, continuous corn, and much more in the video below.

Watch as Joel Penhorwood jumps in the combine cab with Dennis Heitkamp to talk about this year’s corn harvest, in-field variation, and more in this video below.

Heitkamp Farms Feeding Farmers DinnerSpecial thanks to sponsors of 2016 Feeding Farmers in the Field, fall edition: T102, AgroLiquid, A.G. Boogher, Farm Credit — Delphos, Fennig Equipment, Fertilizer Dealer Supply, RRR Tire, Stine Seed, and VanTilburg Farms.

Heitkamp Farms Feeding Farmers Corn Harvest Combine

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